The Story

Why honeywild?

I was pregnant with Nora, our ultimate surprise, when I realized I needed a space other than my notebook and Facebook (love ya mom and dad, but I needed to branch out) to share my heart. I had been in and out of blogging for years since high school, but never truly stuck with anything. I wrote for myself, and it was wonderful, but I felt this yearning to really share my heart with others. I'm not a speaker by any means, but writing and photography have always been outlets for me creatively as well as a way to encourage and meet others.

I'd been praying for a while about what I should do creatively while entering into motherhood, and one morning I woke up with the words "find sweetness among your wild. honeywild" imprinted in my mind. It was surreal. And so from there I began painting this word out "honeywild" over and over in watercolor. It felt so right and peaceful amidst so much craziness we were enduring in that season. I changed my Instagram handle from mrsmarysalas to honeywild the next day, and launched my blog a couple months later while we anxiously anticipated the arrival of our darling Nora. Everything else bloomed from there, and it's absolutely been a wild and beautiful adventure.

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the internet! Be sure to say hi if you ever see me at a coffee shop or makeup-less at Trader Joe's. I love meeting you all!




Our Story

Who are we?

Mary, DJ, Nora + Mabel

DJ and I met when I was a senior in high school and he was an intern in my church youth group. We crushed on each other, didn't know, then started dating a couple years later after an accidental date (a group hangout planned, but no one else showed up). We chatted for hours and hours and ended up walking all over town. Then hung out every day after that! A few weeks later we kissed and I said yes to being his girlfriend. We met in Sacramento, California, and lived there until January 2018. We dated for three years, were engaged for 3 months, then got married near the coast in the redwoods of Central California in May 2015. Four months later we were shocked to find out we'd be expecting a baby Summer 2016, and it was the best surprise.

Fast forward; my husband joined the military in Spring of 2017 and we got pregnant with precious Mabel just weeks before he shipped out for 8 months of training. He came home to us one week before baby girl was born, and one week later we drove up to Washington state to call the Pacific Northwest our new home! It's a dream come true for us to live in the beautiful PNW.

We love Jesus, and that's how we met, fell in love and ultimately decided to marry and grow our family! We live daily in the grace we've been given! I love lattes and matcha and mochas, he loves whiskey and craft beer and black iced coffee. We enjoy hiking trails, visiting the city, and staying home watching movies. Our girls are our pride and joy! I'm an *aspiring* exerciser and trying to do this whole healthy eating thing, but I'm definitely a chocolate and ice cream and carbs lover and DJ likes to go out and get us McFlurries and fries at 8pm sometimes... so I'll keep ya posted on how this all turns out ;)


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