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The space I share words of encouragement, gratitude, and share in detail about products, places and spaces we love. 



Daily moments, stories, laughs, and pretty photos all along the way. I share my heart in long captions and talk about all. the. things in my stories.



Our favorite things from clothes to foods to amazon prime goods to home goods. Sharing is caring, amiright?

Lena Peterson Photography

The Creator

Hiya! I’m Mary

I started this blog several years ago. It's morphed bunches as I've gone from lifestyle photographer and writer, to marriage and then motherhood shortly after. We've officially claimed this space as honeywild for three years! That feels totally surreal.

I have been writing since I was young. It began in diaries that I constantly lost the locks to, into journals, and then into tumblr with over-edited moody photos to accompany my high school emotions, and I've been in and out of blogging since 2012 when my guy (now hubs) and I started dating.

Now here we are! You'll find a mix of motherhood, home decor, inspiration, daily moments, lists, favorite things, and so much more. I hope you leave my site feeling encouraged and uplifted.


You're Not Alone

Motherhood is HARD WORK. Don't let anyone make you feel anything other than that truth, or that you're not doing a good job. Only you can mother your littles the way they need. You are their mama, you were gifted the opportunity to raise them up as they need to be. If today was hard, that's okay. Mine probably was too, but tomorrow is a new day. It's okay to hide in the bathroom for five minutes if it'll help you make it to bedtime without yelling. It's okay to sneak a piece of chocolate if it helps ya, and it's okay to leave the dishes in the sink if it means you actually get to read a book with your toddler (or, you know, sit on the couch for a minute). I get it. I've been there.

I open up about our life - the good, the SO good, the messy, the annoying, the beautiful, the hard - because that's what life is. It's chaos and it's peaceful and it's trying and it's wonderful and it's all completely intertwined. I don't ever want to make it seem like I'm a robot with no problems and only post perfectly perfect perfection always. We're made for community and I hope that sharing our day-to-day helps bring that alive in this mama/woman/comparison world.

Grab a cup of whatever-you-like, and take a breather. You're not alone


Lena Peterson Photography

Lena Peterson Photography