basics mobile preset collection

basics mobile preset collection

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This collection of mobile presets created by Mary Salas is a pack of three unique edits, that enhance your lovely photos, and help to curate a cohesive feed of images.

Presets are pre-set adjustments and settings for photos to make them look and feel cohesive, complimentary to one another. Using a pack of presets creates a collection of photos that flow together seamlessly. Similar to filters, but this editing creates more freedom to make custom adjustments, enhancing the actual image instead of putting a filter on top of your photos. This collection is sold as a set only, because each preset in this pack are specifically designed to work for different lighting settings and environments, while still creating a look that flows altogether.

  • Double and triple check your email address entered. Be sure it is correct!

  • Because this product is a digital download, all sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges.

  • It is unethical to reproduce, or distribute Honeywild Presets without consent. Legal action will be taken if necessary.

  • Please shoot me an email if you have any questions!

  • Download Instructions (no computer needed) -

    1. Download the free mobile Adobe Lightroom + WinZip apps

    2. It’s easiest and most efficient to use Google Chrome on your phone, sign into the email you use for your purchase through the browser, and open the link for your digital download from there. Open with the WinZip app.

      ***android users - instructions will vary slightly. when in WinZip, simply select the option to share or save the picture to your device, then go and ‘download’ to your camera roll. Then go into the LR app and import, continuing on with the guide included in your download!***

    3. When opening Adobe, please create a NEW ACCOUNT and do not sign in using gmail or Facebook. Create an Adobe account (it’s free!) so that you don’t need to re download your presets should you get a new phone. If this does happen though, please send me an email with an explanation and your order number. No stress!

    4. Open the Installation Guide and continue from there!

    • YOUR LINK WILL EXPIRE IN 24 HOURS, so please be sure to download presets within that timespan. Should life get crazy and you’re unable to download in a timely manner, no stress… just shoot me an email with your order number :)

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Use #HONEYWILDPRESETS when posting using these edits on Instagram. I cannot wait to see your beautiful photos!