thankful thursday + harlow and grey

OOOKAAAYYYY... so I may be a tad bit late with this post... but hi πŸ‘‹πŸ» working mama over here. Still learning to balance my time (cue all my delayed email responses here... so so sorry friends  πŸ™„ I'm awful at it, I know). 

Anyways... THANKSGIVING! Yay! It also happened to be my 24th birthday, so we decided to host both our families at our little casita, so we didn't have to choose which family to spend the holiday/birthday with. It was loads of fun, but with a four month old... also a ton a ton a ton work haha. I had the most fun baking goodies, and decorating the table and all the baby and hubby snuggs in between. I foraged leaves and Autumn foliage from different trees around town, and used extra natural cotton fabric we had leftover from our wedding as the tablecloth, as well as homemade napkins. I had little white pumpkins and gold-painted leaves at each place setting, and painted everyone's names on the leaves. I loved this little touch ☺️✨ The gold flatware was a wedding gift, so I was excited to get to put it all to use for such a fun day!

Now one of our favorite touches, were of course these beautiful marble, gold and black plates from Harlow & Grey's Noir collection. We connected and they were so kind to gift us these as we celebrated gratitude and another year older. I think they were the perfect magical touch (just look at that marble detail!) to add to our fun tablescape. Not to mention, they're recycled paper, so less dishes for me to do the next day πŸ˜‰ their entire collection... seriously, just take a look for yourself. You'll be swooning in no time! All the heart eyes, and they're even local! If you're ever in SF, give them a holler.

All in all, it was fantastic to have both the Hoagland's and Salas' over in our tiny home, and it was so wonderful having our sweet Nora with us to celebrate this year. In honor of turning 24 on the 24th (Of November... [like I said, I'm way late with this post]), I'm sharing 24 things I'm thankful for this Thursday.

  1. Thanksgiving dinner
  2. family together
  3. coffee always
  4. another year to celebrate
  5. these overcast and rainy days
  6. hot showers
  7. Christmas movies
  8. twinkle lights
  9. Christmas
  10. our Christmas tree
  11. Harlow & Grey 
  12. new local mama friends
  13. scented candles
  14. how easily Nora falls asleep these days
  15. the Scoville family
  16. DIY Christmas projects
  17. my beautiful home
  18. washer and dryer in our little place... the first in three homes we've ever had and I can never go without again
  19. Nora's new laughs and daily new milestones
  20. our health
  21. DJ. Amazing husband, amazing Father. 
  22. My nanny job
  23. My new job (wedding cake consultant, yay!)
  24. Christmas in just over two weeeeeks! βœ¨

I snapped a few photos of our Thanksgiving tablescape before it was destroyed with seconds and thirds of yummy food and baby spit up and puppy craziness... Enjoy!