diy watercolor heart garland

I'm a total romantic and love Valentine's Day. Even when I was single... I loved it. I call February "love month" with zero shame. I love it. I've never been a Valentine's hater, and I hope my littles won't be either! I think it's so fun to have an excuse for excess pink and hearts and romance. I'm all for some blush pinks and romance any day... but it's a little over the top for Valentine's, and I'm all for it.

Last year I made DJ a fun little Valentine's advent, with his favorite little candies and things each day leading up to the 14th with a super cheesy note in correspondence with each treat all about love and it was cheesy and silly and cute and too much fun. This year, we're not even eating candy, so I thought I'd do some super simple little DIY crafts, that are easy and fun and would be great to have your littles join in and make, too!

I literally used kids watercolor paints even though I have the good stuff, just to show you how simple this can be, and totally great for your kids! I used watercolor paper that I had on hand, and it definitely works best... but the goal here is simple, and not having to go to the store for a bunch of things. Use what you have if you can :) A pair of scissors, a dish of water and some string or ribbon and some tape. 

For this first one, I just painted the entire paper. Have fun! Experiment with using more water, more paint and different variations. Watercolor painting is my favorite because of all the texture variations just by using more or less water!

While the other paper dried, I cut hearts out of the unused paper, then painted just the ends. I painted one layer, let them dry, then painted another at different heights for more fun texture and color variation. Also, I'm using my GATHRE  mat, which was perfect because I can get watercolor on the mat, but can wipe it right off. Best gift everrrrrr.

I then cut hearts out of the painted paper, and taped them all to the string. Easy peasy! Hang wherever you like, post a photo and tag me! I'd love to see your little creations :) 

Happy love month, from Nora and I! <3