favorite beauty essentials

I'm a super simple gal when it comes to makeup and beauty products. I'm super low-key with this stuff, and though it'd be nice to have lash and hair extensions and perfect hair and makeup every day... I just don't and I'm content with that. Most days, if you run into me at a coffee shop or Target, I'll likely have hair undone and a makeup-free face, but still, I have a few favorite items that I'd rather not live without ;)

Bumble and Bumble Prep Spray I started using this every day. I have really fine hair, and with postpartum hair loss, it's even thinner. This mist is filled with vitamins, and helps prep and protect hair for styling. I use it even when I don't touch my hair with tools, because of the vitamins, and I feel like it just gives my hair a little oomph when it's freshly washed.

Urban Oreganics face cream, makeup remover, cleansing grains and lip scrub have become my absolute favorites. She has so many other amazing products that I can't wait to try. I use these products daily, and my skin has truly never felt better since I've started over six months ago! My favorite line has been the green tea, but if you shoot them an email, they're more than happy to help you find what's best for your skin type! All products are handmade by a fellow mama in Oregon. All products are ethically sourced and organic... so you really can't find much better! 

You can get 20% off your order using code HW20 <3

bareMinerals Bareskin Complete Coverage Concealer I use this almost every day... because #momlife is tiring. I don't have blemishes often, but when I do, this covers SO WELL. A little goes a really long way, so it lasts forever too.
bareMinerals Well Rested Eye & Face Brightener I use this on my extra tiring (aka extra dark-circles) days. It's a brightener... so you can use it however you like, but I tend to use it as a primer under my eyes, before concealer. I definitely notice a difference in how easily my concealer goes on when I use this first as well. It's much smoother!
L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara (Carbon Black) I feel like I've tried every mascara out there (shoutout to all my fellow short/blonde/fine lashed friends out there), and nothing has ever worked as well as this. It's so cheap. I've Amazon Primed this countless times, and I've used this since middle school! I layer and layer and layer and still it seems to last for months. I like to add Cedarwood and/or Lavender Essential Oils (click the oils link in the menu), to help with lash strength and growth support.
bareMinerals Complexion Rescue okay, this is my littler miracle buddy. My high school days laying in the sun, sunburning so I'd "tan" really ruined my complexion. Thankfully I've learned since then, and I embrace my fair skin, but this product is a God-send! I use this all. the. time. It's a moisturizer with a slight tint, just to help even things out. I've gone to sleep on my super exhausted days without washing my face (total no-no), but this stuff has vitamins and minerals that actually help your skin, so I don't even fear waking with breakouts, and I haven't. My absolute favorite favorite for every-day mothering.
bareMinerals Pure Foundation this is my foundation that I use when I actually "do" my makeup. I really like the coverage, and it doesn't feel too heavy. Plus, it's got SPF which of course is great for sun protection.

Moonrise Creek loose powder, blush, highlighter and eye shadows. I'm obsessed. Everything is handmade by a cute little family, and made with all-natural materials! Literally everything is earthy and botanical, which I LOVE. I never worry about what I'm putting on my face from Moonrise Creek. They're the best! Everything listed, I use every time I really do my makeup fully. My fave!

Urban Oreganics brush cleaner... oh man. I just received this, and I'm already face-palming myself for not getting this sooner. I got into this horrible habit of not ever washing my brushes because I hated the process... and would just buy new cheap brushes. So not a good thing to do! Especially when we're on such a tight budget currently. 

This stuff is amazing and so easy to use! You just wet your bristles, then swish around the top of the brush cleaner, and repeat until clean. Easy peasy and my skin and wallet are both so much happier. Don't forget to use code HW20 to receive 20% off your order! <3

I'd love to hear your favorite beauty products! Comment here or on Insta and let me know your must-haves :)