Coffee + Slow Mornings

I was never a natural morning person... it's taken marriage and motherhood for me to realize that the beauty of beginning my days with intention and solitude is a really beautiful and treasured thing. I feel so refreshed and ready to tackle motherhood and the day ahead when I’m up early, before my cute little busy bodies.


One of the ways I really enjoy my mornings and what's become routine for me is slowly brewing my coffee. My husband and I have had a coffee bar in our kitchen since we first got married, and although the newborn days of parenthood required some more drive-thru and instant coffee situations... as we've become a few years seasoned, we really love taking the time to brew our coffee each morning.


Weighing and measuring the coffee beans, letting the water heat up and pouring it slowly over freshly ground coffee... it's almost therapeutic. I'm learning more and more that our intention and choosing connection and slowness is often more valuable than perfection and busyness. So, after months of being woken up abruptly by hungry toddlers, feeling rushed to perform the moment I wake up; I've decided that my mental health and embracing "hygge" is much more important than those few extra moments of sleep. Some days are absolutely harder for me to get up out of bed, hormones or a late night of cramming work in before climbing into bed... but when I choose to wake up to slowness and intentionality my days are so much more relaxed, embraced, and even productive. Often I like to use that time each morning to dive into what I've been reading, to look at our budget, and sometimes just literally sit on my sofa in the dark while the house is still quiet.


Back in my college days I'd spend hours a day editing or studying at Peet's Coffee shops... sipping chai or a latte, and now we welcome Peet's Coffee into the comfort of our very own home. I'm still often editing while sipping my cup of joe, but watching the sky light up as the sun rises, or hearing my girlies start rustling out of bed. We really enjoy their newly designed Organic Coffee, and especially knowing that by drinking Peet's, we're supporting farmers who care about the vigorous regulations that come with being certified organic, along with the comfort of consuming a product that isn't made with pesticides or other toxic chemicals.


I hope I can continue this rhythm of early, slow, intentional mornings. I feel so much more alive, awake and rejuvenated when I begin my days this way. I'd love for it to become second nature, waking up before the sun, sliding on my slippers and my robe... without an alarm yelling at me... I think that would just be the cherry on top. Until then, I have my mug of Peet's Organic Coffee to look forward to.


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This post is sponsored by Peet’s Coffee. All opinions are my own.