simple shared nursery transition

We finally did it! We made the *official* transition with the girls. we semi-tried in the past, but always with varying factors. Things like, we weren’t fully committed because we would do it for the ability to have a room available for guests coming. It never stuck after the guests left, haha. They each had some sleep regressions (plus Mabel was just still so young, and kind of had sporadic night wakings).

We have always wanted the girls to share a room. It seemed silly for them not to, honestly. We just weren’t sure when the transition would be best, so that everyone still slept well. We decided to keep them in separate rooms during our move, to keep things at least a little bit familiar for them. We also weren’t sure if the move would effect their sleep (it did), and then the time change was looming (that was awful), and then something clicked and they were doing so well, sleeping through the night.

It really became evident we should try to make the switch to a shared bedroom when the girls kept going into Nora’s room to play. We kept almost all of their toys in her room, and they would randomly wander up and begin playing… so it was totally adorable, and after my friend Lindy over @thimbleandcloth shared about her girls’ new playroom, I thought how brilliant that was. We have a fourth room now is our guest room and office (currently more like a storage room but, you get it). We literally chatted about it one Saturday, then did it an hour later. Haha.

As far as transition goes, really the only difference they had to become accustomed to was each other’s sounds. They already had the same bedtime routine (bath, white noise, dark room etc), and we always did it together. Now they just went to bed in the same room which made it real easy for us haha. We were shocked, honestly at how well it’s gone. They wake up and entertain each other in the mornings. They mostly sleep through each other’s noises and seem to be comforted having one another there. I love it and I”m so glad we finally got it to work out!

Mabel is 11 months and Nora is just over 2. Not quite 2.5 and the failed transitions previously were not smooth like this at all. We definitely think that Mabel being older helped a ton. She’s so much more aware, engaging and relational. It’s been really fun! I am so excited to make some simple changes in this room to make it even more magical for them, but for now I’m loving how simple it is. Find me on Pinterest and check out my nursery board to see what I’m loving!

Curtains were $5 from Ikea a few years ago |  Rod

Curtains were $5 from Ikea a few years ago | Rod

Baskets are discontinued Target |  Knit Blanket

Baskets are discontinued Target | Knit Blanket

Crib  | Sheet sold out :(

Crib | Sheet sold out :(

Honey the bunny  |  Jellycat Bunny  |  Tiny bunny  (pillow discontinued Target)

Honey the bunny | Jellycat Bunny | Tiny bunny (pillow discontinued Target)