lovely, functional, family friendly sofa covers with comfort works


This post is shared in partnership with Comfort Works. Product choices and opinions are my own.

When we first moved to Washington late December 2017, we lived in a hotel for a few days, then moved into our empty townhouse. When I say empty, I mean literally empty, haha. What we brought with us in our car from California was all we had. We received a beautiful sofa (that we adore) a couple months later and it’s safe to say that when you go an entire year without a sofa… you might spend a lot of time on your new one when you have a toddler, newborn, healing from postpartum, and an entirely new job/schedule/life.

Our sofa has been WELL loved in the last several months, and at one point I realized just how dirty it had gotten. The material is a beautiful creamy tweed, which also means pretty darn hard to clean/maintain. I came across ComfortWorks one day, scrolling through Instagram and was AMAZED at the quality of slipcovers I was seeing. I reached out and asked if our non-ikea sofa would work with these covers and they said absolutely! Their covers are completely custom, and they send you sample fabrics so you can feel and see for yourself which one you’ll really love.


We sent over the measurements for our sofa and they got started on creating the pattern for our covers. If something seems amiss, they will happily reach out and ask that you re-measure an area, just to be sure they send you absolute perfection. And good thing! We totally goofed on a number, and thankfully they caught it, and we got it all fixed before the sewing began.


My favorite part about the fabrics they use, is their adamancy of being family and pet friendly. We don’t have pets but we have a toddler and a baby who somehow make messes and spill things and spit up even if we’re turned around for only half a second. It’s just life with littles! Anyways, I wanted to see this magic for myself. I got my samples and fell in love with the softness of the Madison collection. I really love the Rose but my hubs just wouldn’t be convinced, so we went with the Ash (light grey) and so happy we did! It’s beautiful! SO SOFT. cozy, and completely machine washable.


My box arrived so fast after I received my shipping notification. Much sooner than I even anticipated! They arrived packaged in a reusable bag, and super easy to slip onto our couch. Each piece has a tag that says where it goes should you be directionally challenged like myself, haha. I’m not kidding when I say they were SO easy to put on, super quick to take off, and washing is a breeze. They fit our sofa body and cushions perfectly. It looks like a quality brand new couch! My hubs came home from work and loooved the grey.

Needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend. I’m not paid to say that, I genuinely want to recommend ComfortWorks to anyone in the market for a sofa facelift. Top notch quality in material, service, communication, and durability. Seriously impressive!


Visit their website to browse for yourself! I’m still a “white couch” girl at heart, and would love to eventually try out the wool blend Shire Cloud, or the linen blends in Eggshell or Flax. So lovely.


Shortly after the covers arrived in our old house. So pretty! 

Mary Salas