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If you're an expecting or new mama, welcome! I know how absolutely crazy and overwhelming all of this can feel. You may be wondering when your "mother's intuition" will kick in, and if it hasn't already... don't worry! It will. No one will know your baby the way you do. There will always be a special bond between a mama and her babies; one that is truly indescribable. In this blog post I'll be sharing #mamalogues from my very own journey through motherhood so far, along with some products I've loved with each of my girls. It can be extremely daunting, the world of baby products and registry... but after having two babes, it's all honestly a lot simpler than it's made out to be!


Some registry favorites (all linked below) -


Both my girls started their days with Philips Avent Pacifiers. Nora used the Freeflow and Orthodontic Pacifiers until she was 18 months old. Mabel didn't take anything other than the Ultra Soft Pacifiers for her first couple months. They're definitely a favorite around here! We used them from day one, and never had issues. Love them!

Baby Nora

Baby Nora

Baby Mabel

Baby Mabel



We love that these ones are glass. Nora was bottle fed from four months old up to one year old. I wish I knew of these glass bottles back then! We love using them and giving both Daddy and grandparents the opportunity to feed Mabel (and give mama a much needed break). I really like that they offer two different sizes, and that they are neutral in color! They have other colored options for those who love bright products. The white top paired with the clear glass just makes me happy.



Oh how I am forever grateful for nipple shields, breast shells and manual breast pumps. Breastfeeding can be really difficult at first. In those early days of newborndom, your nipples are being sucked to death... (not to scare you away, but seriously). Some babies have a hard time getting the latch correct initially so the nipple protectors really help aid in that. The shells were my saving grace! They go into your bra and keep your hurting/healing nips from rubbing on your breast pads/bra all the white catching milk that would be leaking all over your clothes. Genius and helps with healing and pain! The manual breast pump was also a HUGE help. I remember when Nora was two months old and we were driving to a wedding several hours away. I had pumped milk for bottles in the car during the drive, because we didn't want to stop too much on the way (hello california traffic). I became SO painfully engorged, I literally had my husband stop at the closest Target just to purchase a manual pump! I had way too much milk that would come way too fast for baby Nora and I was in immense pain. The manual pump helped relieve and even have a bottle for on the way home. I ended up using it many times after! With Mabel, we drove from California to Washington when she was one week old, and my milk was coming in faster than she could eat. Pumping and storing was life/sanity/boob saving thanks to pumping manually. 


Ahh, the one thing that so many of us miss, ha! But I do have a few secret weapons for sleep. I swear by each of these. If we are lucky enough to have a third baby, there is no question on these next items. They're a must for us!

White Noise! - Hands down, best ever. We originally had a standard "best seller" white noise machine, but after a year it ended up rattling and not being as loud. We got a new one and the same thing happened. We recently upgraded to the Hatch Rest (not sponsored) and let me tell you - it's game changer. I 100% wish I had this from the beginning! I loved our first one so much (for Mabel's room) that we got a second one for Nora's room. We love it SO much. The different sound options, ability to control on/off, sound, light, color etc directly from my phone is unreal. I cannot say enough good things about it! The quality is unmatched. We have a box fan in our room, but who knows, I may just replace that with a Hatch Rest as well haha.

The Ollie Swaddle - just trust me. I tried every other recommended swaddler on Nora and this one hands down worked the absolute best. She never escaped, easy to change diapers, calms her down... They truly knew what they were doing when they created this product! I didn't even bother trying any other swaddles with Mabel. It is just the best.

Snuggle Me Organic - I didn't have this with Nora. I had another brand, similar product, but this one I absolutely fell in love with. We had both products with Mabel and I only ever ended up using the Snuggle Me Organic. Definite game-changer!

We loved using Amazon registry because SO many people use Amazon, it is filled with incredible products, and Amazon Prime is a mom's best friend. Seriously. We had many friends and family who were not local, but were able to bless our family from our registry anyways! It's so great. Plus there's a completion discount! It's all-around awesome.

Phillips Avent is a well-known, trusted brand in the mama community, and for good reason! I really appreciate how accessible their products are via Amazon Prime, how my babies both used and loved their products and how they truly keep the parent's in mind when creating what they do. They've been part of my motherhood journey since the very beginning, and I'm sure will continue to be for years to come :)

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Mary Salas