adventuring with Bumbleride

This post is shared in partnership with Bumbleride. Product was gifted but all choices and opinions are my own.


We recently received this beautiful double stroller for all of our hiking/outdoor adventures that are too much for baby wearing, and oh my goodness… we are in love! The tires are truly all-terrain and make even the rockiest trails feel smooth. Mabel falls asleep for almost every walk we do in this stroller. Nora loves being able to see Mabel; she can just look right over and there’s her bff smiling at her! I never thought I’d want/need a side-by-side but it’s been amazing!


We went with the Matte Black option, just because we loved how seamless it looks. Their other color way options are just as beautiful and timeless. We also really love the Camp Green. The handle is pivot height-adjustable, and the seats can both recline fully or sit upright. With a magnetic window opening, it’s easy to peek on the girls while they snooze/snack/chat away while taking in our scenery. The large canopy is seriously one of the best I’ve seen/used. It’s already pretty big, then two extra panels fold out so they can truly be protected from the sun, but with the mesh window, still having plenty of air circulation.


The footrests can be adjusted upward or down (as seen above) to make a bassinet-like seat for littler babies or down so little feet can dangle. I love the bumper bars for added safety, and Mabel loves to use it as a foot rest, haha. The five-point harness is a MUST for safety. It’s really easy to snap on and off, but not too easy that they can unbuckle themselves. The basket below is fairly large for this kind of stroller. I’ve been grocery shopping and was able to hold two full bags, and clip the diaper bag on the handle. v impressive.


Fist bumps because best jogger/all-terrain/side-by-side stroller ever! ;) I truly LOVE the simplicity of this stroller. I feel like double strollers (especially side-by-sides) are usually really bulky and just have too much going on. The minimalist design, colors, and all-around structure is what first attracted me to this stroller, the safety, smooth rides, materials used, and the list goes on is what made us want it for our lifestyle. We've gone running/jogging, rocky trails, steep hill hikes… and it aces the test every time.


The foot brake is really easy and quick to use. A simple kick-flip to lock and unlock. Perfect when you need to brake fast. To fold, you pull the triggers up on each side of the hand simultaneously and it quickly folds in half. It’s heavy, but not too heavy. It fits upright in our trunk with PLENTY of room for lots of groceries and other gear.


All in all we are extremely pleased with this stroller. It meets our needs and exceeded our expectations. Oh! And it fits through doorways, ha! I’ve taken it both to Target, the Zoo, the grocery store with zero issues and don’t feel like a semi-truck walking around with it either. It’s a beautiful stroller and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to use and review it!

For more information on Bumbleride, please visit their website and read the excerpt below directly from their site! Love supporting brands that are thinking of the earth in their manufacturing. Happy trails!

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