nearing four months + sitting up with regalo

This post is shared in partnership with Regalo. All opinions are my own.

This post is shared in partnership with Regalo. All opinions are my own.

I can't believe we are actually nearing four months with Mabel already! Time has absolutely FLOWN. I remember my pregnancy feeling like it was dragging simply because we were counting the months and days until DJ was with us again, but wow -- her birth has come and gone so quickly! 

She's giggling, smiling constantly, always trying to stand up and sit up when we hold her, and absolutely enamored with watching big sis Nora! She follows her closely with her eyes and as soon as Nora comes to her Mabel shines the brightest gummy-grin. Watching them as sisters is truly the biggest blessing I've yet experienced. They are the light of my life!

As Mabel is quickly growing and wanting more and more to be part of all that's going on around her (read: crazy toddler and cat shenanigans) it's been the perfect time to find and try out a floor seat! She is more alert and a total pro at keeping her head up now of course... and we can already tell she'll be trying to keep up with Nora in no time. Since she's almost four months, we'll be using this seat lots more in the coming weeks and months! 

I love this seat because it's neutral in color, compact, lightweight and the inner foam seat is removable; perfect for easy cleanup and for when she gets bigger! The foam is soft but durable which is great for a growing babe! It's best for 4 months+ (up to 50lbs) so it'll last for a long time. In fact Nora often takes the tray off and sits in it herself right now, haha. I also really love that this seat has a strapped buckle! The floor seat we had for Nora didn't have this and looking back I SO wish we'd looked for one that did! I also love the shape and size of the actual seat and sides. Mabel feels snug and secure in the seat, even at her age. The tray is great for toys and food and snacks in the coming months!

All in all, I'm really impressed by this chair and you honestly can't beat the price. Under $40 and it'll last until your babe is well into their toddler years?! Money well spent! You can learn more and order yours here :)

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