shared nursery tour | two under two edition

I've been meaning to put this nursery tour up for months but it's finally finished enough that I felt I really could! I'm definitely the type that will rearrange and add and take away a lot over time, but for right now I'm loving this setup! I've been blessed to partner with some incredible brands to put this space together and make it what it is - and I'll be sharing the brands and sources down below! 

My inspiration for this room was really just wanting it to be a room they'd create sweet memories in for the years to come. A place where we'd read them stories each night before bed, before drifting off into dreamland. A room that's more than just a place to sleep, but that would truly feel like a place of their own in our home.

I wanted it to be cozy, classic, feminine and have a touch of vintage. I love that it's got some whimsy alongside being warm and inviting. The way the sun shines through each morning made me want to take advantage of that glow by adding mostly light and airy tones. Our crib was originally black but felt it took away from the light and airy feel, so we found a random creamy paint sample at The Home Depot and painted it! Didn't do the best job, I'll admit, but still love how it helped transform the room.

We live in military housing, so we had to be creative with how we made this work, but I'm really happy with the current finished look! Mabel only actually sleeps in here during her morning and evening nap right now, but I'm actually looking forward to the days ahead when they take way too long to go to sleep because they're giggling together after our bedtime stories and pretending to fly with unicorns and dance with bunnies and all the things. It must be pretty magical having a built in bff <3

Both girls' bedding is c/o The Company Store. Nora's sheets can be found here, they're in Peach Blossom. Her duvet, and the duvet cover. We actually love this set so much, we had it on our master bed first and decided it would be just as perfect for Nora's bed as well! So incredibly soft and cozy. Such high quality, you know upon opening that they're made to last. Her creamy velvet pillow covers here and the crib Sheet here.

Princess Ballerina Dress, Garland and Matching Bunny Bells c/o Maileg! Nora has absolutely fallen in love with twirling, dancing, music and spinning in dresses... and we are so excited to put her in Ballet when she turns two. This ballerina dress is just DARLING and could not pass it up. She love love loves it! Maileg's entire ballerina line is absolute perfection!

Deck & Oar made and sent us the bow board. It's a canvas board with two ribbons on the left for clipping bows onto, a ribbon to tie up the headbands on the right. Simple, practical and brilliant!

Handmade wool, beautiful bunny mobile above Mabel's crib c/o HelloBirdieBirdie (linked below).

Removable wallpaper (a renters/military housing fam's dream!) - super easy to put up! And we even have super textured walls. C/o Jumanjii Wallpapers (linked below).

The most darling handmade dolls c/o KendalBaby and Lavender and Linen.

Peachy swaddle blanket c/o Max and Moose

Play gym c/o Modern Grey (now @momandgrey on Instagram)

Beautiful custom Birth Posters c/o Love Found

The most perfect custom silhouettes c/o A Family Print Shop

Gorgeous lace canopy c/o Oak + Bloom

The blankets on Mabel's crib are from Windy Knits CO (linked below) and Willaby

All shelves are from Ikea. The white shelves and wood brackets are just separate pieces I chose to put together, and the books are on wood spice racks! 

Slings are Wildbird, and scalloped changing mat is Gathre

Frames and baskets and rocking horse are thrift finds, and watercolor lettering by me.

I'm sure this room will go through many changes as the seasons change, as they grow older and as I do more thrift shopping ;) with the coziest and most timeless bedding and other sweet details, I'm hoping this is a room they will love and cherish so much!