december gratitude


This post is shared in partnership with Frame It Easy. All product choices and opinions are my own.

Today marks one whole year since my husband has been home. He wasn’t deployed on the battlefield, but he was gone for eight whole months of Nora’s first year and a half and my entire pregnancy with Mabel, while training for his new job in the military. It was hard, but this past year has been one of redemption. We entered into the world of military life as a huge leap of faith. The story is a long one, but I’ll just say I’m extremely grateful for all that this past year has led us to.

I finally had some family photos printed and framed (literally, first ever)… and I placed them in a gallery wall in our most-loved room as a reminder of our journey over the past four years. From our wedding day all the way to becoming a family of four. These past few years have been FAR different than we imagined, but wow, also incredibly rewarding.


The first photo on the left… before we said our vows, the one hand-in-hand shortly after we were married, then pregnant with Nora up above, holding Nora for our first Christmas as a family of three, and our reuniting with DJ with a big pregnant belly fill of Mabel below the woodland wedding photos… he’s in uniform because it serves as such a big reminder of that intense season. And lastly our family of four photos because that’s where we are now! It’s not been bliss but it sure has been incredible. I’m grateful and truthfully, my life is better than I imagined it would be at this stage.

We’ve gone through an intense roller coaster the past few years - a lot of really great highs and really rough lows… but out of all of it, we’ve grown deeper, stronger, fuller than before the ride. I can’t wait to add more of our journey to this wall; to see our love grow - to see our family grow - to see where life takes us next. Frame It Easy made it so simple to make this wall a beautiful reminder and I look forward to using their website again to continue this special gallery!

Mary Salas