living room update with i/d


We’ve officially been homeowners for three whole months, woo! Owning a house is both super exciting and extremely daunting. We didn’t buy our dream home, but we invested in a home we saw a lot of potential in. And we’ve been making some dents, making this house a home that we love! First thing we did upon moving in was paint the tan walls white, which helped open and brighten the house SO much.


Where there was once a poorly built, uneven-on-all-sides, badly placed tv cutout, we covered up after debating on making into to shelving for two and a half months. We’re so glad we ended up covering it. The way it was built would’ve made it very challenging to make it both functional and pretty (placement on the wall, and how it was structured) so we decided to go the easier route. I love the simplicity and flexibility our simple shelf above the sofa adds. It can hold art, vases, maybe Christmas stockings next year, family photos… really the possibilities are endless and we’re so glad we made the change!





We then agreed that the shape and width of the room was just not enough to make space for two full-sized sofas, and chose to store our other until we decide what to do with it. Thus making our stunning leather sofa a huge focal point for the room. We’ve gone through four different rugs in this room (the previous three we brought from our old home but none really fit the space or feel very well), and finally decided to snag a new one during a Black Friday sale. I felt this one complimented the space the best and is a perfect neutral, not taking away from or adding too much to the sofa.


We received our Interior Define Owens Palomino Leather Sectional about 4 months ago, right before we knew we were buying a house and moving. The delivery process was super smooth, I loved being able to customize each aspect about it on interior, and appreciated the communication during the building and shipping process. At the time, we lived on a military base and though deliveries of this nature were typically a headache, this one was totally simple with no complications, which I was so grateful for!

The couch itself is not only beautiful, it’s truthfully totally family friendly. My girls have scratched, spilled, jumped on etc and it still looks beautiful. We decided on leather verses fabric because our previous experience with fabric and littles was a bit… frustrating, ha! Kids are kids, even with rules for food in place. Nora mindlessly scratched the sofa two days after we received it (I mean, HUGE scratches in a rainbow shape), and needless to say I was… ahem, not happy. A few months later though, you can’t even tell. That’s the beauty about leather… the patina (how it ages) is just wonderful and perfect for families.


It’s so comfy, we’ve all had our share of snuggles and naps on this couch. It’s gotten buttery soft the more and more we use it, which makes it all the more enjoyable. The couch itself is really lightweight, and the chaise part separates easily so that moving it is super simple. I’m an avid rearranger so this is very good news to me, haha.

Anyways… we love this sofa so much and know it will be in our family for years to come. It’s a gorgeous staple piece for our family room, that is every bit lovely, comfy and functional for a family with littles. Be sure to check out for anything you may be needing for your home. From customizable dining tables, to bedroom furniture and obviously living room furniture.


Now… to rip up that old carpet, ha! I’ll be sure to write an update when we change out the floors, add a coffee table along with a chair or two. Seriously love the process and seeing all the progress we’ve made so far! It feels so much more homey and like “ours” already.

Mary Salas