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HAPPY NOVEMBER!!! It’s officially my favorite month/season/everything. I LOVE November. October is wonderfullll with the changing leaves and all the wonderful Fall things, but there’s just something about November that gets me so giddy. I love the changing air, weather, and the coziness that this month brings. Bring on all the hot coffee and cider and cocoa and the extra gratitude that seems to surround everyone, and the whole pumpkin spice ordeal I’m totally into. It’s all just so magical.

Every year around this time I get asked a lot about where to shop for the season, and how to find pieces to layer and last for years to come. I whole-heartedly believe in thrifting and shopping secondhand, but I also know that not every mom can get to a thrift store to scour the aisles and not everyone has time after work to go out and do the same. Online shopping (aside from thrifting) is honestly my favorite. Maybe it’s because shopping with the littles is usually more like a circus and I’m usually a chaotic mess and the mirrors in fitting rooms are never nice and the family dressing room (if there is one) is taken so I’m standing with two unhappy kids and by that point I’d rather just leave the stuff and walk out. But it’s fine guys. I’ve GOTCHU. I’m linking a ton of my faves; sweaters and jackets galore. I’ve got some of these, some are super similar to what I do have, and some are things I just adore and would totally love in my closet.


Just click any of the photos below to shop! Easy peasy.

*Easiest to shop via desktop, however if on your phone be sure you’re in the browser, not though the Instagram link. For some reason it won’t load through there! If the links aren’t showing up, refresh the page and they will all be there. Happy shopping!*

Mary Salas