slowing down + getting outdoors with littles


I’m a homebody by nature. I really enjoy cozying up on the couch, hot mug of coffee with foamy oat milk in hand, snuggled up with my babes and blankets. Summer isn’t really my jam but it’s easier to get outside because the last thing I want to do with no ac (apparently that’s not a thing here in Washington) is snuggle up 😂.


So when Fall rolls around and the weather shifts, and the days grow shorter... I have to literally bribe myself out of bed. The dark mornings, the cozy socks, the hot coffee... I just love it all.

But I also really love the outdoors. The changing leaves in the autumn, the blooming flowers in the spring... it inspires me so much creatively. It gets my mind going; it honestly brings me grounding. Getting outside, for walks, for hikes, or a simple trip to the park with the girls, pushing them on the swings; it’s rejuvenating for all of us.

It takes a lot of effort, but it’s *almost* always worth it. Going out with two babes does require knowing your own limits, knowing your kids’ limits, and understanding when it’s the right time to get out.

For us, it’s usually if (when) we’re all just having a rough time. If Nora is “acting out” and Mabel is really fussy, and mama is lacking patience... it’s time to change our scenery and get some fresh air. It doesn’t always have to be extravagant; sometimes it’s a walk around the block (which for us, now, is this!!! 😍) or a quick ride to the nearest park.


I think it’s important to understand boundaries. If it’s naptime, it’s not the right time to leave. If it’s lunch time, and everyone’s hungry, it’s not the right time. If everyone’s just kind of at each other for seemingly no reason, it could be boredom and that’s a really good time. It usually works well for us if we get out pretty early. After breakfast, and home before lunch/naps. It’s a solid window of time that I know the girls will be okay to run/dance/jump (or chill in the sling/stroller in Mabel’s case) isn’t the outdoors.


Let your kids get a little dirty! And prepare for it! Don’t put the Littles in your favorite white shirt, and it’s okay if you have to use some wipes for firty hands and throw them (please don’t *actually* throw them) in the bath when you’re home. We love rain boots. And natives in the summer. Waterproof, mud proof and super easy to clean plus they have grip for wetter trails/paths. Jeans that are cheap or thrifted, an old tee and a washable coat - just think ahead. Bring tons of snacks and water bottles. And have fun. Let loose a little bit. Let the kids explore and try to let them learn as you go.


also, huge lesson for me that I learn each and every time; some kids (Nora) like to go reeeally slow and stop and smell the roses.... but like, every petal of each of the 7 roses 🤣🙃 sometimes I get so annoyed because what could be 30 minutes ends up being 2 hours (no joke), but I need to learn from her and find beauty in such small details; honestly probably details she’s never actually seen before.  So with that; don’t go on a long trail expecting your 2 year old to keep up with your pace if they’ve never done it; or even if they have. They’re little humans with amazing and developing brains with little legs. We have to have some grace and patience for them. It’s easy to want to hurry up and get done, but in all honesty, it’s really okay to take it slow. 

The more you do it, the more fun you’ll have. The more your kids will find a rhythm; the more you’ll find a rhythm. The more you go out, the more freeing it will feel and I promise that alone will be so worth it! 



Both outfits are from Fin & Vince, stroller is UPPAbaby Vista. Take a look at my previous post for my stroller review! 

Mary Salas