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This post is shared in partnership with Ply Gem Industries.

Being that we are now homeowners (woo!) we actually talk about things like… storm doors, and paneling, and drywall, and siding, and vinyl and laminate and we’re basically living in this whole new world with its own language that we never actually thought to learn about… until now! Our mindset since becoming homebuyers and first time homeowners has totally shifted. We’re no longer paying someone else’s mortgage, we’re now investing into our future. How we care for and invest into our property is SO important when it comes to a forever home or resale value.

Ply Gem Industries recently sent over a sample of their Mastic Brand SolarDefense Siding in Natural Slate, by Mastic. This siding is pretty amazing; it has the look of wood, but without the potential cons genuine wood siding could give (rot, mold, termites etc). One wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of painting a home exterior with this premium siding, because the vinyl is prepared in the most stunning color options. It’s also waterproof! Being that we live in Western Washington, it rains A LOT. We may not have much sun to worry about color fading, but water/mold resistance is extremely important.


Areas that do receive a lot of sun however, would take great comfort in knowing they can have a beautifully dark colored home and not have to worry about repainting faded color. Take a look at the graphic below and visit here! My favorite colors are the Natural Slate (especially after seeing it in person… with white trim it would make any home stand out beautifully), the Alpine Forest and the Deep Cavern. What really makes Mastic SolarDefense vinyl siding stand out, is the industry’s only no-fade, no-distortion promise… “Our Advanced SolarDefense Technology is so effective at protecting our boldest, darkest colors from the sun that we back it with an unmatched No Fade, No Distortion Promise.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 5.21.42 PM.png

Our current home is built with wood siding and although it’s lovely, it can end up being more spendy to maintain, especially depending how it’s been cared for by previous owners if not a brand new or newly renovated house (and even then, you never know!). Vinyl siding however, has come a long way since it first came out in the 1950s. Ply Gem’s Mastic SolarDefense vinyl siding absolutely stands out above any others, with their lifetime warranty, beautiful customizable designs, rich color ways, and all-around quality product. I’d absolutely feel confident investing into my home with Mastic Vinyl Siding.

You can learn more about this innovative vinyl siding style here!

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Mary Salas