second trimester update

Well, I planned to write this post at the beginning of the second trimester, but here we are, a week away from entering my third, oops! 

This pregnancy has seriously FLOWN. The first trimester was a little bit like hell (same with Nora), and being constantly sick, nauseated and I had little help since DJ had literally just left and we couldn't communicate the entire time... it was rough to say the least. Sickness lasted a lot longer this time than it did with Nora. I felt nauseated and vomited up until 16 weeks this time, but with Nora it literally ended right as I hit 12 weeks. Just goes to show, every pregnancy really is different! Even when they're the same gender.

During the second trimester, we found out we were having another GIRL! The scans could not have been more clear. Definitely girl haha. We had found the name of our daughter back when we were dating. DJ and I used to read the Chronicles of Narnia books out loud together and DJ instantly fell in love with the name Digory in The Magicians Nephew. I did not lol. But we did both fall in love with his mother's name, Mabel. We had always said we'd name our daughter Mabel, but for whatever reason we really felt like Mabel was a "little sister" name and Nora was to be Nora. How amazing is that?! And we were totally convinced (both times) we were having a boy. So, thus we named our sweet second daughter, Mabel Rose. Mabel means beautiful, loving and lovable. Rose simply means, flower. Our beautiful, loving, flower.

We got to visit DJ at his BCT graduation across the country, and I finally got over feeling constantly sick. Lots of kicks and movements began and the bump really started to pop around 18 weeks. We've been collecting new things for baby Mabel, as we prepare for the complete opposite weather and season for her arrival, which has been SO fun!

I've been doing my best at staying active and healthy, but as I'm typing this I'm also binge eating double-stuf oreos after eating dino nuggets and sweet potato fries for dinner... so basically I'm just trying to maintain balance haha. I have a gym membership that has childcare, and I've been pretty good about going at least 3x a week. Some weeks it's just not doable if one or both of us are sick, or if we go out of town a lot... but I'm always SO grateful when I make it priority. I always feel so good after I workout and it's really good for Nora to be around lots of other little ones.

As we enter into the third trimester, my focus is preparing my heart and mind for delivery, as I plan for another natural birth. I've honestly hardly thought or read or prepared for it this time around. Though I'm not planning for a home birth, I would still love to birth Mabel naturally... hopefully in water again! With so much of our life up in the air #militarylife, I'm just trying to maintain some peace of mind, and trust that whatever happens, happens. The Lord's got us. Excited and slightly gritting my teeth for all that's ahead for our family in the next three months! 

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