skincare during pregnancy with TrueBotanicals

This post is shared in partnership with TrueBotanicals. All opinions are my own.

My skin used to never cause me much issue, so I never really paid attention to it. Primarily in my younger years; pre-marriage, pre-babies. But ever since I first got pregnant with Nora it's like those teenage years that were bliss were now coming at me in full-force with raging pregnancy hormones. This pregnancy has been pretty similar to my first, but this time my skin was painfully, flaky dry. SO ugly, so uncomfortable. I'd been using an all natural face cream that I still one-hundred-percent love and use every night, but I needed something more than what I'd been doing (ahem, nothing).

I went to Target and grabbed an "all-natural" face scrub that literally tore my face up. It was horrendous. I thought I had come down with some sort of disease and I didn't know what to do. I found out that face scrub labeled "natural" was actually filled with harmful materials for such sensitive skin. Clearly I knew nothing about skin care because it seemed like everyone and their mother knew that it was bad when I posted about it in my instagram story one evening. Yeesh!

Anyways, the opportunity arose to try out TrueBotanicals new Basics line, specifically created with pregnant and breastfeeding mamas in mind! How sweet is that?! I didn't want to share right away, because I wanted to genuinely try these products and be sure that I could give an honest opinion... 

You guys.

My skin is soooo good! I've been using these since the day they arrived on my porch almost TWO MONTHS ago, and not have I not struggled with breakouts, the flaky dryness and painful/itchy dry feeling is completely gone. I've even - wait for it - been told I have a real pregnancy glow *que the hormonal tears.* I seriously felt like my entire pregnancy with Nora I had troubled skin, and I felt doomed for the same to happen this time around but I am SO grateful I was gifted these amazing products. For the evenings after washing with the cleanser, I use Urban Oreganics facial cream. It's a bit thicker so I prefer to use it before bed and let my skin soak in all it's goodness. In the mornings I use the mist after washing, then a few drops of the oil... and throw on my makeup a couple minutes after. 

I seriously can't believe the drastic difference I physically see and feel! So so good and I'm honored to support and promote this amazing line.