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Beng honest, Fall in Sacramento and most of California doesn't actually begin until very late October. But in my mind, Fall starts midnight September 1st ;) it's my favorite season, so although I will be sipping my ICED pumpkin spice coffee from Starbucks in 110 degree weather... it's still Fall in my book.

Last Fall I was postpartum with a smaller Nora worn on me almost every day. We lived in midtown and we were a one car family while DJ worked full-time, so we walked everywhere. Last year Fall was a really different transition. I was beginning work again after maternity leave, we didn't see any big changes on our horizon, and we were fairly settled into our daily life and routine.

This year is SO different. We're in a very temporary/transitional home until the Army moves us to WA, it's crazy hot outside, we're in month 5 of being apart from DJ with 2 more to go, and I'm 6 months pregnant with a wild toddler who went from baby to toddler literally overnight. SO much change. SO much transition.

Growing a [baby] bump definitely goes in phases; lots of transition. Sort of like the changing leaves when Fall finally arrives. You go from being able to still wear your favorite jeans, then still getting away with them... but unbuttoned, to needing some sort of band or tank always to keep them up as the zipper starts to struggle... to having to throw them in the closet and not being sure when you'll get to wear them again. I'm in the stage where I'm sadly saying bye to my regular jeans and hello to maternity and elastic everything. Thankfully, I'm still able to wear most shirts, as long as they aren't cropped ;)

I'm loving finding tops that I can wear during and after pregnancy, that will also be helpful while breastfeeding. Basically: if it's loose/long enough to grow with the bump and has buttons... it's a winner! Also, has anyone else noticed that most maternity wear is way more pricey than non-maternity? My thing with both pregnancies has been finding things that aren't technically maternity wear, but can still be worn with a growing bump because then I can for sure get my money's worth!

Some things I'm including in my wardrobe as we enter into Fall (even if it's technically like over a month away for us CA folk...) lots of layers! Sweaters, cardigans and light jackets to go over lighter tops. We usually have cooler mornings when we're not in the middle of a heatwave like currently... so layering with a cardigan makes it easy to maintain a cute outfit, but take off the outer layer as it warms up. Hats! Greasy-unwashed-mom-hair + cute coverup. Nuff said. Fun shoes. I'm a clog and booties lover, so those are definitely my go-to when we're not in the Summer heat. Bodycon dresses because somehow they're slimming when you're pregnant? Haha. I guess because although loose dresses are SO comfy, with the baby bump they can sometimes make you look bigger than you are when they're not fitted to the rest of your body. Plus HELLO BUMP! Shows off what you're working so hard to create! Which is adorable.

My pregnancy with Nora was a lot different. It was my first! I learned a lot from it in so many ways. One being the quality of clothes I buy and wear. I spent a lot of money on a lot of clothes from super cute places like H&M and Forever 21 that are WAY more affordable, but I don't have a single one of those items any longer, because they didn't hold up. Wearing these maternity jeans, I can feel the quality and know they'll hold up for this pregnancy, postpartum and IF we ever have another ;) I can't wait to get more styles!

I'm so excited for Fall, for the weather to change and get cooler, for my baby girls to grow and for all the transition that's to come during this season. I'm so ready. HAPPY SEPTEMBER! Xx

Nora's outfits are from Zara both this season and last year. Her bow is from All The Little Bows and her cuteness is from her daddy and I ;) 

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