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If you've followed me for any length of time, you know I'm a huge advocate for baby wearing. Wear your baby? Yes! I've worn Nora since she was just a few days old. I love ring slings, the Solly Baby wrap and my first structured carrier, the Happy Baby Carrier. I have used and loved all of these since Nora was itty bitty and even some days now! She's wild and has to be super duper tired in order for me to be able to wear her longer than five minutes these days, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

I am almost positive I'll wear Mabel even more than I did with Nora simply because of the ability to have free hands while keeping baby safe and close (with a crazy toddler running around); exactly where they need to be. Also, Nora was born in the heat of our Sacramento summers which are terrible. I'm not a summer person and really hate not wearing layers of clothing and feeling like I'm melting, haha. Mae will be born in Winter, and we're very likely moving to Washington State so there will be so much more opportunity, reason and need to wear her than I did Nora. And I'm so excited!

A few things that are extremely important when wearing your baby:

Baby needs to be close enough to kiss. If you have to contort your head in some weird way to make this happen, then you need to take the babe down safely and start over. Baby cannot be too low or too high; close enough to kiss is the perfect example.

Baby needs air! Baby's face should never be covered by your chest or the carrier. You should always be able to see her face and know that she's breathing.

Legs need to be in an M shape. One thing I really hate seeing is the Baby Bjorn carriers. They're horrible. They're cheap and affordable but are not designed with your baby's growing body in mind. Their legs should not be straight down, but their knees need to be above their bum. This is true in any carrier! 

Make sure baby is safely snug. If you feel like you cannot take your hands off baby, then they are not secure. If you feel like baby's bum is slipping through, or like they could fall in any way, then things need to be adjusted in order to keep him safe. It's a good idea to keep one hand on baby at all times for the sake of extreme safety, but if you don't feel confident in taking both hands off to wash dishes etc., then something needs to be adjusted :) better to be safe than sorry!

Baby wearing is amazing. It's can create such a beautiful bond between the parent and child. What I love about baby wearing, is that adoptive parents can have their baby snug and close and create a beautiful bond, dad's can do so too, and mama's can even nurse while baby-wearing. All these reasons and more are why I love it, will continue with Nora as long as she'll let me and plan to wear Mabey as much as I can and need. It's really the best!

The best thing about the brands I've mentioned, is all can be used from newborn days into bigger baby days without any sort of extra insert or added accessories. The Happy Baby Carrier and ring slings can also be worn with baby on your back! Pretty stinking amazing and one reason why I was so excited to try out the Happy Baby Carrier. Another huge plus and reason why I love these companies, is all were literally started by a mother who saw a need for something better and more affordable than anything that was out there, and I am honored to support them! 

If you haven't tried baby wearing, or are planning for your first babe - let me be the final voice in your decision making - do it. You'll be so happy you did!

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