a glimpse into our daily rhythm

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I'm asked fairly often what our "schedule" is, or what we do in a day, so I thought it would be fun to share a peek into what a fairly normal day looks like around here! I'll keep it pretty simple, because honestly, it really is.

6:30 - without fail, Nora wakes up. Doesn't matter how dark the room is, how tired mama is, what time she went to bed, it is a very very rare occasion that she sleeps any later than this. I'll always check the time real quick before grabbing her, and seriously. It's always a minute or two after 6:30. The internal clock is strong with this one...

7:00 - I finally get out of bed. I usually get her out of the crib when she's up so she doesn't whine, because I think it's really annoying if she does. I let her play in my bed, or let her crawl around the apartment. She doesn't really cause mischief, mostly just enjoys the freedom of being able to sort of do whatever she wants.

7:30 - Coffee brewing in the Chemex, Nora in the highchair eating breakfast. I then let her play when she's signed that she's "all done," whether she's finished her food or not. If she's done then she's done. 

I often play worship music or classical music to set the pace for our morning. I enjoy having it peaceful, and my favorite is when the weather is nice out and I can have the door and windows open while cozied up with coffee, watching Nora play. Mornings are by far our favorite time of day. Nora is definitely her happiest after waking up in the morning, and I just love the calm beginning.

8:45/9:00 - Down for nap. This is when I typically get ready for the day or just sit in my chair and read. I'll usually reheat my coffee at this point, and just bask in the quiet. The morning stillness is truly some of the most refreshing time of my days, and I often try to avoid planning anything in our day with friends or otherwise until after her morning nap, just so we can start out on a good foot.

10:30 (11 only if I'm really lucky) - Nora wakes, and typically ready for a snack right away. If it's an at-home day, then she'll be in the high chair. Otherwise, this is usually when we head out to our activity for the day and I'll give her an on-to-go snack that she can eat in her carseat (which is a double win because then she doesn't fuss in the car, woohoo). 

Sometimes we do coffee, play or lunch dates with friends. Sometimes we just go grocery shopping. Lately this has been our gym time, which has been amazing! She goes in the kids care, and I get to work out distraction free. It's amazing. Other times we'll just walk to the park (so snack would be in the stroller rather than the carseat). This has been working really well for us; utilizing this time for our daily outing, whatever it may be.

I used to just wake Nora from naps, or keep her out during nap time, or let her have short car naps... but as she's gotten older the more difficult that's gotten, so I've had to create boundaries and really stick to her nap times and work around them so that everyone's happier, and truly it's made an amazing difference in our days.

We're usually home 12:30, I try to be anyways. I'll set her up with some lunch, then she'll go down for nap right after - usually lands anytime between 1 and 2pm. During this time I either relax if it's been a busy day, or I get going on dishes, prepping dinner (crockpot), cleaning the kitchen or just tidying up. Sometimes I get to use this time for blogging if all the other things are taken care of already, which always feels like a total win.

3/3:30 - Nora wakes up, usually ready for a snack so she's in the high chair. Unless we have somewhere else to be, then the same as before with the carseat snack. Then I usually just let her free-play around the apartment for a while. Sometimes I'll put on "Super Simple Songs" from YouTube if she's more fussy than usual, but I definitely try limiting screen time. We don't do any sort of phone/iPad games or anything like that. So all she sees on the screen is whatever we're watching or listening to. We have an Apple TV so I usually use YouTube for music playlists etc.

5:30/6 - Dinner! She used to be the most amazing eater, but lately she's been testing the waters, turning her head and saying "no" to a whole lot of her past favorites. It's actually really annoying when I feel like we spend so much money on food, then prepare her something I know she likes, and it ends up getting thrown on the floor and trash. But for the most part she's still pretty good, and will eat most things, sort of. Lol. It's a lot of trial and error these days.

6/6:30 - Bath! Time varies based on when she woke from nap/finished dinner. Some days she cries through bath, because she's overtired. Other days she loves it and will stay in and play for as long as I'd let her.

7ish - give or take a bit, BEDTIME. Glory. We keep this simple, but the routine is the same every night. Bath, pj's, lights off, curtains and blinds shut, white noise fan on, muslin blanket snuggled and has pacifier. She usually gets a cup of coconut milk as this point too... just a comfort thing and sign that it's bed time (the rest of the day she only drinks water). Some days she'll stand and bounce while whining holding onto crib rail, other days she's so tired she'll fall right to sleep.

And that's it! Implementing a rhythm has really helped our days. Routine is huge with little ones. They thrive, and honestly it helps me be intentional about how to spend my time during the days. I know (mostly) what to expect of each day. There are, however, days where nothing goes as normal and those days are always really hard. Some days Nora will only take 20 minute naps and then just cries and whines the rest of the day... which as we all know can really mess with mama too because we know if they would just sleep then everyone would feel better ;)

Hope this gives some fun insight into what our days typically look like! Below you can find the glasses I wear from the moment I wake to the time I go to sleep. Nora often grabs them off my nightstand for me and gives them to me each morning. It's one of the sweetest moments, I hope I never forget... the ripping them off and making the screws loose daily, not so much ;)


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