Pregnancy Must-Haves

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I'm officially over half-way through this pregnancy already! I can't even believe it... time has FLOWN this time around. Being that this is baby number two, I have finally figured out a few things that seriously help make it through pregnancy from beginning to end. As beautiful and miraculous and wonderful as pregnancy is... it can also be extremely hard on our bodies and minds, so I love finding new ways to enjoy the journey all the more! I hope you find this list helpful :) If you have a favorite pregnancy item not mentioned, comment below! 

First Trimester

Organic Preggie Pop Drops - ignore the fact that the chick is smiling in the brand photo... ohhh the irony! These helped so much with nausea. I only wish I'd had them with Nora too!

Organic Chicken Bone Broth - packed with so many nutrients, so when you're dealing with major nausea or the pukes... this is super easy to drink from a mug to stay hydrated and take in some much needed nutrients.

B-Vitamins - a lot of times if we're feeling crazy nauseated and sick throughout pregnancy, it's because we're lacking vitamins and nutrients that we need to sustain and grow a baby PLUS keep ourselves alive. B vitamins (specifically B6 and B12 helped me SO MUCH during those rough months).

Crackers, protein bars, WATER. Just stock up on easy-to-grab snacks and things to have at your bedside, in your purse or car.

Hopefully you won't deal with the terrible nausea and sickness that many of us go through - but in case you do, these things helped bunches!

Second Trimester

One-a-day prenatal vitamin - I made the mistake of buying an all natural prenatal that had a serving size of four giant pills, daily. I hate swallowing pills, and to be forced to take in way more than I'd like in order to reap all the benefits... nuh uh. The last thing I need with this highly-sensitive-pregnant-gag-reflex is more pills to swallow. Definitely go with a one-a-day! 

Leggings - you'll live in these. Seriously. Anything from BLANQI are specifically built with support for our growing tummies, so it's not just a weird flap over your tum, it's actually supportive as well. I have an embarrassing amount of them, both nursing leggings and support... I love them.

Sweet Almond Oil - I used this during my first pregnancy all over my tummy and I ended up with no stretch marks. It could've been a coincidence, or genetics, or whatever... but I've been using it this time around as well! (sidenote: stretch marks ARE NOT BAD. if it happens, it happens!)

Pregnancy body pillow - far different from those body pillows you'll find at the end aisles of Target... this one is literally made to support your pregnant body throughout pregnancy. Finding comfortable ways to lay down (let alone actually sleep) and rest isn't always easy... these pillows though big and bulky can make a huge difference if it means better rest vs none at all ;)

Third Trimester

Tea! and lots of it. Linking my favorites down below. I went through SOOO much in those last couple months with Nora. The raspberry leaf helps support your uterus and supposedly preps it for labor... so I literally had like, jugs a day haha. Order in bulk! Batch brew then drink it iced (that's what I did in the summer with Nora, but I'll probably have it hot this Fall/Winter with Mabel).

Reading material. Not too much, but just enough. Don't get your panties in a bunch about the nitty-gritty details, because the reality is, you'll forget most of what you read once your sleep deprived and have that sweet little bundle in your arms. You just want some reads that will challenge your thinking, or light reads to help your mind get through the waiting-for-baby to arrive phases. It helps pass time, and can hopefully encourage you, or make you laugh ;)

Evening Primrose Oil - it's not proven by any means, but it's suggested that it can help "ripen your cervix" towards the end of your pregnancy. I have no proof that it works, and everyone's body is different, but I'm all for trying natural ways to get my body ready for what it's made to do. 

Maternity Clothes + Accessories


Nursing bras (for comfort as your boobs grow to prepare for baby)

Belly band to help keep your current jeans from being stowed away for the next year. Get as much wear of them as you can!

Comfortable shoes for walking/working out/daily momming.



Dresses galore when pants just don't cut it anymore

Anything you feel good in. Seriously. Comfy. Dressy. Whatever makes you feel your best, do that. Growing a human is hard work, and you're doing amazing. If you want to lounge around in your hubby old band shirt for a week, and leggings are "dressing up" then do that. If you can rock heels and fur vests and all the makeup and dangly earrings and even have your hair perfect... then do that. Just do what make you feel most comfortable, you won't regret it mama!