Nora's Top 15 Favorites at One Year Old

I don't even know how we're here! ONE?! A list of her favorite things at... ONE?! Oh man. I'm having a moment. I'm excited but my heart is bursting with so many emotions. AH!

Anyways, here are the things she loves the very most aside, of course, from toilet paper, emptying the contents of my wallet and makeup bag daily, and anything paper that she can rip into millions of pieces, then eat. Oy. She does this cute (and I really mean ADORABLE) thing where she holds her piggies or dollies in one arm, then taps the back with her other hand... it is literally the most precious thing! She's still super cautious about walking, but the little walker-car below is helping her gain some confidence, plus it's a perfect little place to push her dollies in! I love the activity cube we got for her birthday because there's something different on each side, plus the top comes off to make an open box for storage.

All the board books please! The Jane Foster ones below really are her favorite though. The texture is smoother than the others, plus I'm sure she loves all the bold and bright contrasting colors. Snacks, duh. The foam letters are her "bath toys" and she's obsessed! She loves to bite them, collect them in her hands, and toss them in a pile and stare at them right outside the tub. She's also learning that they stick to the tub which has been fun! And last but not least, we're obsessed with this cup set! I'd literally bought every other kind of sippy out there (even the ones you guys SWORE were the best...) but she would still refuse and only take a bottle. And only if it had her formula/coconut milk in it. Ever since I tried this set, she'll drink water or coconut milk and I feel like a winner so I just want others to find it too, in case you have the same situation! 

Comment below some things that your one-year-old is loving! I'd love to know what other babes are playing with, and maybe Nora would too! Click any of the photos, or the numbers below! <3

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