Nora's First Birthday Party

Ah what a special day! I'd always looked forward to Nora's first birthday party, but when our life shifted so drastically, I really didn't see it happening. A little over three weeks ago I decided to just plan a little something with her grandparents and our closest friends just to celebrate this first amazing and wild year of Nora's life. We couldn't have done it (life or the party) without everyone who came (plus a few missing... especially my boo thang). I'm so incredibly grateful for the people God's blessed us with in the last year. Back in my bible college/internship days, we used to say, "family isn't only what you're born into, but the source of support you surround yourself with." This couldn't be more true. I love that we have so many friends-like-family. I love that we have some incredible people that lends hands, ears and shoulders when needed (which we did, a ton this past year).

Thank you thank you thank you to my Suegras for all the food and drinks and helping me setup and clean up and the precious clothes for my almost-toddler girl! The constant support, encouragement and prayers have been such a tangible blessing this past year of Nora's life. Thank thank you thank you to my parents for giving me life so I can give life to my babies! Also so many tangible blessings over this last year (including being with me during labor PLUS staying with brand-new newborn Nora for well over 12 hours while mama and dada went to the hospital for some delivery repair). I'm so grateful to have them close by in this season while DJ is away!

I planned this little party on my own one night as I was preparing for our trip across the country. I seriously contemplated cancelling it altogether when I got back because I was just SO exhausted and Nora had been having a really hard week. I'm so glad I didn't! Even with planning it so last minute and having such a small budget (we wouldn't have had food or drinks or many other things without her grandparents' help!), It exceeded all my expectations even from my vision of it when I thought I'd go "all out" many months ago, ha! We really missed DJ and her godparents (they live in Florida) and a few other of our closest loved ones... but seriously it was beautiful and my heart is so very full. 

All these beautiful photos were the most precious gift from my sweet friend Jill of Jillian Gorman Photography 

This perfect 1 candle was such a sweet gift from Carly of  Honey + Fern . It smells like heaven!

This perfect 1 candle was such a sweet gift from Carly of Honey + Fern. It smells like heaven!

I decided on a "wildflower" theme because truly, Nora's entire existence is just like a wildflower. Her presence in my womb seemed to bloom out of nowhere like a wildflower; her birth (ten days past due date) at home, was wild, and life with her feisty, vivacious, every-so-sweet and absolutely beautiful personality is just like a flower, She is our little wildflower; our darling Nora.

Like I said, my in-laws brought the food, all the details I already had: the lace curtains (from ikea), all the bowls, cake stands and dishes were from our wedding two years ago, and the high chair I scored for free on Craigslist. My mom had drink dispensers, and the drink table is the one from my kitchen (also from ikea in the outdoor section). We did this simple brunch picnic-style since we were under a beautiful canopy of trees in my favorite local park. We all gathered on Gathre mats (the best mats ever! they're real bonded leather, so you literally just wipe or rinse anything/everything off! best ever! [I have both the midi and maxi sizes plus a changing mat. clearly obsessed]) and mexican blankets and turkish blankets and I loved every bit of it.

The only thing I paid for was the flowers and balloon! I baked the muffins and cupcakes with stuff I already had. The flowers were obviously a priority to me since that was the theme... but I've always had a deep love for blooms. One of my bffs was going to do my floral arrangements since she's like, the best floral designer ever, but she ended up being out of town this weekend. So I literally went and got a bunch of wildflowers and chamomile and just had fun mixing all the textures and colors. I love how it all came together; I really do. I'm beyond grateful for all the helping hands - from before the party started, to after, with help cleaning up and even bringing things to my upstairs apartment.

Team work makes the dream work and I would be lost with mine!

I'll save my tribute post to my sweet girl for Thursday, but I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of our special day! It truly was so special and a day I'll hold dear for the years to come.

Another HUGE thank you to my girl Jillian Gorman Photography! I'm in love with these pictures (plus all the others that I didn't post)... and I am so grateful I'll forever have these to look back on!