wake up better with tuft & needle

We actually received this mattress about two months ago, right after we moved into the new apartment, but as most of you know - I've been crazy sick with this pregnancy up to this point. BUT - we are long-time T&N fans! We had a full size when we got married a couple years ago, and just upgraded to a Queen! The size is perfect for us... but really it's the mattress itself that's amazing. It's not too soft, and not too firm. It's right in the middle which we both love. There aren't any harsh springs and seams on the edges. It's soft but firm all around, in all the right places.

Before getting pregnant with Nora, I had really bad back issues; which is part of why we decided on getting a new and different kind of mattress. After lots of research, pricing, comparing... we landed on T&N and are so happy (two years later) that we did! The price is unbeatable for something you'd go into a mattress store for. What would typically cost thousands, only costs hundreds... and these mattresses are worth every penny.

Another great thing about this mattress, is that it's compatible with most bed frames. We've had ours on the floor (hardwood and carpet), loose wood slats, Ikea wood slatted base, and now on a box spring. All have worked so well and don't compromise the quality of the mattress.

Honestly, one of my favorite things about these mattresses is the shipping process. It arrives just a couple days after ordering, in a box. You open the box and the mattress does it's thing and unfolds like magic. It's so fun to watch haha #nerd. The directions say it takes a couple hours for it to fully expand but ours only took like 20 minutes. If you don't love your mattress within 100 days of receiving, you can receive a full refund after the mattress is donated. T&N does all the work, you just have to send them your donation receipt. It's so awesome! Someone will be blessed with a practically new mattress, and you get your money back, hassle free.

The box also doubles as a fort/boat/mountain to climb... so it's really a win-win-win ;)

All-in-all, after being T&N lovers for two years... we can proudly say we're big fans and love love love cozying up in bed! It's the best ;)