family beach day

If you're from California, you know that pretty much all our beaches are cold, always. The pacific is a BEAUT, but swimming or wading in the water just isn't very enjoyable unless you have an internal temperature as hot as the desert. Seriously. 

Being in Southwest Florida was so different! The water was so light and clear, and it was actually warm enough to enjoyably hang in the ocean. It was so fun! The perfect "first beach experience" for our darling Nora. The locals said it gets almost too warm when it's later in the summer, but it was perfect when we went late April.

We got these matching swimmers from Kortni Jeane and I can honestly say I've never felt more confident in a swimsuit! I love that all pieces are mix n match, and that there's something for every body type. And of course, the fact that we could all three match! It was so cute and too much fun.

We didn't spend all of our trip here, but the time we did was so perfect. We haven't had a vacation like this and it was perfect timing with our little familia before DJ shipped out for basic!