becoming a US Army family

Most of you know that we had plans set to move into a beautiful little house April 1st, but the owner decided to sell last minute, and we felt so lost and insecure. It shouldn't be so hard to find a new home, but literally every door was closing on us. It made zero sense. We lowered our standards a ton, entertained the idea of moving across the country to North Carolina because the cost of living is incredible (plus it's beautiful!) but DJ couldn't find a job that paid as well or would be enough to live on one income.

The clock was ticking and still nothing. It felt like God was shutting us out. Silent. 

Then we had one small conversation, if you can even call it a conversation haha. It was so brief... a couple from church knew our situation and asked if we'd found a home yet, when the husband jokingly said "you could join the army," and then we paused and looked at each other as the service went on. (DJ wanted to join the army 6 years ago, and again 3 years ago but wanted to do combat and crazy things like secret missions and literally planned to die a martyr lol. But then we got married and started a family, so the idea never came up again). After church we talked about it, looked up all the benefits, and the next day DJ was in the recruiters office. 

He had one stipulation, and that was that if he got a certain score in specific sections, then he'd go for it. But if he didn't then he wouldn't pursue the Army. Well the ASVAB test day came and he killed it. He scored much higher than he'd anticipated, and higher than most people who go in with more college education than he's had. I know, I know, I married a genius 😜 anyways, that was our answer. He was able to reserve a job in communications and schedule his signing.

We are so proud to announce that DJ is officially a soldier in the US Army. He ships out for basic training in a couple weeks out in South Carolina, when our main communication will be writing letters for 10 weeks. He'll then go to job training in Georgia for about 4 months, when we can talk every day, and *hopefully* get to visit him every so often (just depends who is over him at the base, and how much time they'll have in their schedule on weekends). After his job schooling, Nora and I will be moving with him to his duty station for three years where he will be serving in communications on base. It's going to be a wild ride, and we will miss our man so much for this next chapter, but my goodness we are so proud of him and the decision he's made to be the best he can be for himself and our family.

We will finally have our practical needs like healthcare (which we've never been able to have), dental, housing, and even opportunities like higher education, and gym memberships and fun things like discounts at Disneyland. There will be times when it's hard, like the next 6 months after he ships off, and being away from our close friends and family when we move to our first duty station for three years. Our dream has always been to move and travel and live new places, but we never thought it would actually happen as it's never seemed tangibly affordable for us. We're really excited for all that's to come. 

Being a "single" mama for a few months will be hard, I'm sure of it. I'll miss my husband like CRAZY but we're so confident that this is what the Lord was leading us to, so there's peace in knowing we're doing what's right. 6 months out of the rest of ours and our children's life is such a small sacrifice to being in the Lord's will and providing for our family's needs. 

We're so grateful and excited we were obedient even when it didn't make any sense, and that the Lord led us to where we are today and when he did. SO MANY of our years of specific prayers are being answered through this one decision, so we have no doubt this is a gift. So for the time-being, Nora and I will be in a tiny tiny apartment across the street from one of my best friends, saving money and staying cozy until we reunite with our main man and move into a house on base somewhere. God is so good and his timing (though often seemingly crazy) is so perfect.

RIP beard. I'll miss ya ;) 

So proud of our man.