motherhood + vision change

I've been wearing glasses since I was in the third grade. I was seated in the back of the room when I realized I had to squint real hard to barely make out what was on the board. I think my teacher may have asked what was going on, and shortly after I got glasses!

I remember feeling embarrassed initially. I would only take them out and wear them when I NEEDED to, because back in 2001 kids would call kids with glasses four-eyes, and I wasn't down with that. But it happened anyways, and eventually I just owned my glasses and wore them proudly. 

Now at 24 I've got such bad eyesight (super nearsighted and an astigmatism in one eye), that I don't take them off from the moment I wake to when I go to sleep. 

I hadn't had my eyes checked in a couple years, but after time plus being pregnant and nursing, I definitely knew I needed to get them checked. Unfortunately we didn't have a vision care plan so I had no idea when I'd be able to see an eye doctor next.

I met with VSP and was able to find a doctor through as well as get set up with some new glasses! I was so amazed! I really didn't think I'd be able to get anything new for a while, since our current living situation is very tight. VSP is amazing, and they were able to set me up with a doctor literally across the street from where we live, so I could walk with Nora and have no trouble scheduling since we're a one-car family.

Dr. Lee was so informative, and so kind. Nora started getting a little fussy being strapped in the stroller, but he offered to let me take her out and hold her while my eyes were being examined! He even talked a little about her eye care, and when she could/should be seen. I really appreciated how quick he was, without missing any information I needed to know. Very efficient, very nice, and very informative! I'm so grateful.

What you may not know, is that pregnancy and nursing can almost always effect your eyesight, sometimes quite a bit. Ever wonder why you're having a hard time focusing, or your eyes have a glaze that keeps your vision blurred every so often? It's most often temporary, but sometimes can have a longer/stronger effect depending on how long you're breastfeeding. If you're nursing for over a year, or notice a big change, it may be a good idea to visit your optometrist.

There's no one-size-fits-all as far as how our vision can be effected during pregnancy and nursing, because our bodies all react to hormones differently. But if you notice a change, it's certainly a good idea to get it checked out.

Nora's obsessed with stealing my glasses. Not in the way you may think - she swipes them off my face and throws them away. Then stares at my face so giddy. I think she doesn't understand that I need them to see, but I love that she enjoys my face! It's the most precious thing. She doesn't try eating them or putting them on... she just wants them off my face. I can't do contacts, otherwise I totally would! But until that day maybe comes, I'm totally enjoying being the girl with glasses.

Thank you VSP and Dr. Lee with Midtown Eyeworks Optometry for such a wonderful experience. I'm truly so very grateful!