expecting baby number two!

When we were in Florida I received a sweet email from Jessica of Armor + Ash wondering if I'd be interested in a family session while we're there. I actually initially thought one of my bff's was playing a joke on me because their names were the same and their business name is so similar. I almost responded in a way that would've made me look like a total fool but thankfully I did some research and learned it really was a new Jessica! (insert face palm emoji) seriously almost so embarrassing!

Anyways, we were able to work it out and my heart is so so so grateful it did. DJ looks so different now with his hair buzzed and beard gone... plus this will be our last shoot without a bump or another babe! These photos are so precious and truly I couldn't be more grateful for such a beautiful gift. Thank you again Jessica! See more of her work at armorandash.com or simply click any of the images below <3 all sources tagged below!

I don't even have the words to really portray how I'm feeling, but we're absolutely elated to welcome a new bundle of love in December! I won't share a "due date" because no one really knows and babies come when they're meant to. Nora was almost two weeks late, but I was relying on my due date. So I'm just saying December to not make myself go crazy if I have a to wait a little longer this time around too ;)

Anyways, because I know people will ask ;) yes, we were "trying" and really hoping to be pregnant before DJ shipped out for basic training. We realize it's going to be so hard being "single mama" for almost 7 months while being pregnant, and then moving who-knows-where right before I'm due, but it was important to us for our babes to be really close. We're likely only having two, so we were praying that God's timing would happen to be what we wanted too, and apparently it was! 

I'm only 6 weeks along, and I know so many are against sharing publicly this early, but I didn't want to share this big news without DJ being part of it (no communication during basic training), and definitely didn't want to wait until I was well into my second trimester. I'm also a firm believer in a life being a life, no matter how small. I'm pregnant, and I'm excited to celebrate this! We will pray and hope that all will continue to be healthy and grow as it should, but if the worst were to happen, I know I won't be alone in any heartache and sorrow.

We weren't kidding when we said there were SO many changes awaiting us, ha! I'm extremely emotional with everything going on, and I literally have to remind myself each day that I'm pregnant again! It's so exciting, but so surreal also. We have names picked out already for a boy or a girl, and though we're kind of hoping for a boy to carry on the Salas name, we will be ecstatic either way! 


Glasses - Eyeconic | Nora's romper - Emmie's Room | Nora's shoes - Quail Lane Co. | Bows - All the Little Bows | Dress - borrowed from my bff but was purchased over a year ago! :(

If you want to join us in prayer, please feel free! Healthy growth for both baby and I, peace and continued joy in our sweet Nora Jane, and confidence and peace for this mama who will have 2 under 2 in just a few months and just for alllll the things while DJ is away for the next 7 months. I'm hoping I'll fall into a smooth routine and won't have too much on my plate. I'm going to do my best to say no when I need to and really just dig into time with family before we move and those near and dear to my heart. This past month has been overwhelmingly busy and it's literally torn me and stretched me way too thin. I don't want to let that happen again, especially without my hubs with me. 

We're so excited/nervous/proud/anxious/grateful and seriously alllll the feelings for this next path in our adventure! Thank you for being part of it!