a weekend in mendocino with oak + ash

There's a big difference between a florist and a floral designer, I think. Watching and being part of Jess' journey with Oak + Ash has been nothing short of a gift. I've watched her meticulously shop and forage for the absolute perfect blooms and foliage for her clients, and arrange and rearrange to perfection. What I love about her designs... is that perfect doesn't mean straight lines and same length stems. It means each bloom, color, bud, shape and stem is placed in it's exact spot which unfolds to become something magnificently beautiful. Oak + Ash isn't just a florist, she's an artist; and she puts every bit of her heart into each and every thing she creates. It's absolutely beautiful!

I got to be part of putting together a stunning wedding with Jess a few weeks ago, and events like these are like her empty canvas... the beauty she can create from a mess, amidst exhaustion most of the time (#momlife) is pretty amazing. I snapped a few images during the process. Enjoy! Xo