beating allergy season, naturally



I have dealt with Spring and Summer allergies for as long as I can remember. My eyes will literally start watering as if I'm sobbing-crying as soon as I'm outside, and my nose will be sniffly and the sneezing can get totally nuts at times too. Growing up I depended a lot on Bendryl, but as I've gotten older, and went through breastfeeding while dealing with allergies... I wanted to find more natural ways to beat this annoying yearly visitor.

I began using Young Living EO's a little over a year ago, and I can't even tell you how grateful I am that I took the plunge. DJ and I used the one's you can purchase from Sprouts, Whole Foods and other natural food stores, but let me tell you - there really is no comparison. You really do get what you pay for in most cases, and though it took me a while to jump on the EO train, I'll never look back. Totally worth the extra pennies.

For seasonal allergies, an even blend of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint with a carrier oil seriously does wonders. I use 2 teaspoons Sweet Almond Oil, 4 drops Lavender, 4 drops Lemon, 4 drops Peppermint Young Living Essential Oils, combined and dropped into the roller (ps- you should really use the metal rollers, not the plastic like picutred, I just have yet to replace mine). You can also diffuse 3 drops of each! Makes your home smell heavenly, while working as a natural anti-histamine. 

My midwife also suggested using Nettle Leaf Capsules while I was nursing. Taking one of these in the morning, combined with my EO's... I felt like a new woman! Seriously! It was amazing, and now that Spring is here these are all my morning/midday go-to (aside from coffee of course ;). 

 Hope this helps keep your Spring so lovely, and less sniffly ;)