top 15 baby items for 3-6 months

I'll admit, I'm a bit behind on this end of things. Moving and hunting for a home after ours fell through has been pretty all-consuming. And hard. It's been really hard. Plus we now have termites in our current home, so seriously, I've been a bit sidetracked. Testing my patience, my faith, and my ability to stay calm in such a hard time. But I digress...

Here we are! Nora's actually 8 months, but I said two months ago that I would put together this post, so here we go :) our top items used from months 3-6.

1. Jumper

Nora was obsessed with the jumper. Like, literally obsessed. As soon as she knew she was being put in it, her legs would start jumping before she was even in there! If there were ever fussy times when I just couldn't hold her, we'd put her in there and she would literally light up, full of so much excitement. There was an initial learning curve, of course, but once she figured out how to jump, her world changed and she loved it!


2. Highchair

I think we got the cheapest high chair on the market (the white IKEA Antilop chair), but we love it. It's simple, sturdy and lightweight. I love that it isn't bulky or take up too much space. Of course I have a couple really nice ones on my wishlist, but for now this one is great. We also have an amazing silicone placemat that fits perfectly, so when Nora makes a mess with her food, I just take the placemat and rinse it in the sink. The cushion and cover were also great when she wasn't super sturdy sitting on her own. It helped keep her from falling over, which made me feel so much better about my four month old in the highchair! Plus the cover is machine washable. You can get your own cover and mat HERE! Use code honeywild15 for 15% off your order <3

A few of my other favorite highchairs: 

3. Stroller

We walk every day. We live in midtown, so a stroller is something we seriously couldn't live without. We have the Uppababy Cruz and love everything about it. It's been amazing for just one babe. We're not sure what we'll go with for two babes, but I know a lot of people love the Vista! Either way, just go with what fits your lifestyle best. If you're athletic or love working out, then a jogging stroller is probably for you. If you live in the city like us, something smaller that is easy to maneuver is important for busy shops and restaurants and sidewalks. Go with your lifestyle :)

4. Baby Carriers

Solly Baby and Wildbird have by far been our favorite favorites. We've used these more than almost anything else. We still use both now almost every day, at eight months. But I do think it would be nice to have a structured carrier for summer hikes and as she gets older. Plus I'd love to be able to wear her on my back :) 

5. Floor Seat

We got a floor seat when Nora was 3 months old, and though some people don't suggest put your babe in a seat to help them sit up before they can on their own, we did what we as Nora's parents felt was needed for her/us. She'd been trying to sit up on her own already, so it worked for us. And she ended up sitting on her own like a month and a half later. I preferred the snug seat we got over the bumbo because the sides are much higher and more supportive, so I never felt concerned or worried that she would tip over. I also really liked that the inner support can come out as baby grows, and basically turns into a booster seat, so we'll get a lot of use from it. I also really like that it came with a tray, instead of having to buy one separately. And of course, if you know me, I love that it came in a neutral color, and not a bright color and at the time it was the only one! Looks like there are quite a few options now that are neutral, which is awesome! I still just really love how tall and supportive the sides are of the snug seat, but mostly because Nora has always been on the bigger/taller side :)

6. Teething Toys

We don't have many toys. Literally we have one small basket of toys and they're mostly just for teething! You will find that babies are seemingly never-ending when it comes to teething. The drool, the 'biting', and random fussiness fests... it can start from the moment they're born up until their teeth are all in. Some little ones handle it really well, and never show signs of teething, but Nora did from month 1, and has had two teeth since she was 4 months old. We love Otherware teething rings, and frozen or cold veggies. Like we'll seriously just give Nora a full size carrot or a big chunk of broccoli or green beans and she loves it. But below are a few other favorite teething toys.

7. Walker

This was one of Nora's "big" Christmas gifts from her grandparents and we're SO grateful! She still uses it almost every day at 8 months :) again, we went for the neutral pick. Not only so it isn't a huge eyesore, but because it's collapsible, and the tray is fantastically versatile. We use it for toys (which means she isn't stuck with the same toys every time she's in it), for snacks, and if we're not feeding her in the high chair for whatever reason, it's great for that as well. But seriously, she loves the walker because she feels free to move around the house and follow me. It gives her an independence, without the ability to get in everything. Love it!

8. Essential Oils

For calming, for sickness, for teething, for sleeping, for coughing, for breathing, for health. Everything. Find out more about essential oils here. 

9. Amber teething necklace

I get asked all. the. time. if she's wearing one and if we think it works, and YES YES YES. Yes. We put it on her just to "try it out" around 3 months, and didn't feel like it was really doing anything honestly. Then one day hers broke off, and I didn't see any need in quickly replacing it... then a week of screaming and terror broke out and I realized I needed to Amazon Prime that sucker so fast... and so yes. We are total believers!

10. Crib

At 4 months we officially transitioned Nora to her own crib instead being in our bed/room. We're total believers in sleep training for both the sanity and health of us, our marriage, and our babe. But everyone has their own views on this and what works for us may not be the same for others. Which is totally fine. But Nora was sleeping on her own and in her own crib at 4 months, and we're really grateful with our decision to do so. We have the cheapest Ikea crib because that's what we could afford, haha. But honestly I love the finish of the wood and how simple it is! Below are a few favorites from other mamas plus my dream crib ;)

11. The Ollie Swaddle

I would seriously recommend this product to any new or expecting mother. If you know someone who is expecting, this would be my number one gift idea! It's the absolute best best best on the market. Click here to learn more about this amazing product and click HERE for 10% off your order

12. DockAtot

Another huge must-have. If you intend on co-sleeping (in your bed or just in your room) this is PERFECT. It's the perfect transitioner from co-sleeping to crib. Or even just straight to crib. Either way, this is a fantastic gift idea! The cover is washable too, so it'll last and can use again with future littles!

13. Bottles

Bottles are so important to have whether you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Obviously if babes are bottle fed, then this is a no-brainer, but even for breastfed babes they're great to have. If you're working, for dates or meetings... anytime you need a sitter and you won't be able to feed the babe while you're away. They're just great to have!

14. Diapers, wipes and diaper cream

Nora had her first rash a couple months ago, and man it was so sad! Doing the naked booty on our Gathre mat worked wonders, but finding a natural and gentle diaper cream that actually helped was also greatly beneficial. I realize I could just make my own to meet my standards, but being totally honest, I just haven't made the time do so, and Seventh Generation did it for me, soooo. There we go haha. We also use their Coconut Care bath time wash and body lotion. Our favorite diapers and wipes and diaper cream are below!

15. Diaper Bag

We're pretty much obsessed with our Fawn Design bag. DJ carries it without a problem. It's not too feminine, it's sturdy, it's gorgeous, it's ethically made and every purchase is supporting a mama who saw a need for a better diaper bag and decided to make it herself. So amazing! But I also know everyone's budget, style and needs are different, so I'm also linking a few other popular picks below. 

Hope this is helpful! I always like to go with the notion that less is more, and I honestly think much more than this for months 3-6 is extra! These were our top items, but I'd love to hear some of yours!