getting ready for the move with bObsweep

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We finally pulled out our big stash of boxes, grabbed some packing tape, and I'm determined to actually pack at least a few today... we move in less than three weeks! So exciting, and so surreal. I remember this time last year, when we found out we were moving into this apartment. I was 6ish months pregnant, I had the entire old apartment packed and ready to go, and all the plans in place for the day of moving. Everything is SO different this time around. I guess maybe because I have Nora to distract me, instead of just kicking my insides, but still. I feel so unprepared. We don't even know our plan for the day of... like who will help us load in and out, if we'll use a bunch of trucks and do loads, or rent a Uhaul, or what. And like I said, boxes are finally out and visible, but have yet to actually pack haha. 


At least this time around, I have our new pet bObi to help me keep the floors tidy! Pulling out all our boxes also meant pulling out extra dust. Plus I just know that packing creates more of a mess... it's inevitable. I can just tell her to "GO!" with her remote or press the button on her top and she gets to gettin' for me. Nora's pretty well claimed her as hers. I'm actually fairly sure bObi is the reason Nora started crawling lol. She would watch her so intently, then start chasing her! It's so funny. Now that Nora's totally mobile, she will literally climb on top of bObi and hit her... oh my goodness it is the funniest thing. Poor bObi!


She vacuums SO WELL. Some evenings as I'm prepping dinner, I just juice her up and turn her on in the kitchen, and she seriously just zooms around picking up my mess. Basically she's pretty much the best pet ever because she cleans and doesn't leave dog slobber or cat hair all over everything. She has censors that help her from bumping into things, and a UV light that helps make things extra clean. SHE ALSO MOPS!!! Seriously! I haven't tried it yet because I don't even know why, but I'm SO excited to whip her out to do even more of my dirty work 😜

Having hard wood floors creates a lot of surface dirt and dust. We don't even wear our shoes inside, yet still we are apparently tracking in dirt everywhheerrrre. I turn on bObi almost every morning just to go along all the baseboards and pick up all that dust for me, while I drink my coffee and watch Nora chase her around. bObsweep has literally created a mother's best friend, and we love her (no seriously... sometimes we all three sit on the couch and just watch her do her thing... and it's like magic). Thanks bObsweep!

Nora's Outfit: Bow @fourthandpierce | Romper @emmiesroom