baby-safe cold and cough help

I was so nervous (because of several messages i'd received on instagram) that Nora was coming down with bronchitis or something of the like, but since our medical situation is tricky, I wanted to do everything I could to keep major sickness at a distance. Thankfully she never had a hard time breathing or even reached a fever. But first time momming... I'm just so new at all this 🙈

I came across very little resources for babies so young, until I found this amazing cough syrup! This isn't an ad. I just knew that other mamas had mentioned their littles going through the same thing. Mucusy cough with running nose etc. GUYS. Nora was dramatically better within hours, and I just continued to give her the correct dose every 4-5 hours like the directions say, and bam. She's SO much better. Napping again, happy and smiling and less fussy. Still coughing and runny nose but not nearly as bad and she's just noticeably feeling better. 

So, moral of the story, Zarbees is fantastic and every parent needs this for the little babes. I made it super easy for you... just click the picture below to purchase! Amazon Prime is literally my BFF.

Hope your little one feels better!