oxo tot cubby stroller

This post is shared in partnership with OXO tot. All choices and opinions are my own.

I was given the opportunity to review the OXO Cubby stroller, and we love it! Living in midtown, and being a one-car family, finding an adaptable stroller for city-living was important to us. This stroller is easily maneuverable which is one of my absolute favorite aspects of the Cubby. I can easily push it with one hand, making grocery, coffee and other errands so simple! It's a very smooth ride, which is of course is great for us both. I feel like it glides along the gravel and shop floors and I love it. 


We also really appreciate how large and broad the canopy is. It's nice and wide, plus the pull-out extension that really blocks out the sun (super great for when she's napping). The seat itself can be laid back so baby can truly snooze like a dream. And Nora totally has! The canopy can also be opened so you can peek on your babe easily. We didn't grab any photos of the back... but there are zipper pockets galore! It's amazing! There's a spot for everything; keys, wallet, wipes, diapers, toys, snacks. It's perfect, because there's also a generous basket under the seat, that extends to create more space when needed. 

We live in the city in an upstairs apartment, so I have to fold and bring the stroller up every single time. It's really annoying. With our other stroller, I would have to unbuckle Nora, bring her upstairs and hope that no one would steal my stroller and things. With the Cubby, that's not an issue at all anymore! I can hold Nora, my diaper bag and fold and carry the stroller all one-handed. It's literally changed my life and I'm only sad I didn't have this sooner, ha! Amazing!

This stroller is amazing. It feels sturdy, well-made and it solves a lot of problems that people generally have with strollers. It's anything but bulky, it's neutral in color, simple and all the humble fixins' are exactly perfect. My only complaint, because DJ and I are both tall (so this likely wouldn't be an issue with the average parent), is that the handle doesn't extend. It just took a little getting used to, so if you don't usually have that anyways, then it likely wouldn't even matter. But seriously everything else has been an absolute dream! The perfect compact, cozy stroller that looks nice, feels nice, and rides nice. It's absolutely great! Thank you OXO! <3