our favorite items for teething

Teething is so hard, so I thought I'd share our favorite products that have helped us tons! Just click the photos! Not much to explain here, we have and use every one of these, so hope these help you too! And for those wondering... teething begins from the moment babies are born, and doesn't stop until all their teeth are grown in. So hang in there! We'll get through this season together :) at least they're really cute... right? ;)

For those wondering about the moldy Sophie that's gone around, that isn't from baby saliva, it's from being submerged in water to be washed. They have a great post about it here :) 

Also, yes, one of Nora's favorite teethers are those spoons, because they're easy for her to hold and they feel good on her sore gums to chomp on. 


The Baby B. and Otherware teethers were both gifts and we love them! Nora will gnaw on them foreveerrrr. SO cute and they help her gums bunches. We also give her big piece of fruits or veggies to gnaw at. Big enough to hold, but not small enough to bite off chunks to choke on... she loves when we do this! She also just pretty much put anything and everything in her mouth... literally everything (hence the non-aesthetic and low-quality photo below... literally everything goes in the mouth, haha).

Hope this helps! Comment with your favorite items for your teething littles <3