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The holiday season is one SO FULL -- full of life, gratitude, food, gifting, decorating, gathering and so much more. I just turned 25 the day after Thanksgiving... and everything just feels so different this year. I mean, there's obvious reasons like my husband being away for the military, being just weeks away from welcoming baby number two, and caring for my darling toddler. BUT, there's also just this yearning to pay attention to those small moments, and allow them to seep into my heart and memory. It's really easy to get caught up in all the holiday shopping, family photos planning, cooking -- which are all GOOD things, but truthfully the more obvious things this season brings.

When I was young, I remember how magical everything seemed during this time of year. The beautiful garlands and lights and big red bows that decorated and lined the street lamp poles and all the lovely shops. I remember that feeling of going to sleep next to the twinkling Christmas tree and knowing when I woke up there would be sparkling wrapped goodies waiting to be torn open. I would stay up late and try to watch Santa eat the cookies I made and see if the reindeer really did nibble on their carrots. Somehow they were always eaten... and somehow I always fell asleep to not see it ;) I remember feeling giddy when the whole family would get dressed up and go to church and light candles and then gather together to open gifts and eat the yummiest breakfast the next morning. I will forever cherish those moments that seem so small, but are probably some of the most significant.

I don't want to miss the little moments with my family and my children because of being too busy trying to keep up with the holiday "madness." I don't want to be so caught up in the "have to's" or "should do's" and end up missing more important moments with my littles and hubs. I want to watch and experience all the magic that somehow disappears as we get older, through the eyes of my little girls, because I know it really is magical! I want to be intentional about slowing down, putting the phone away, and just embracing some slowness in the midst of all the hubbub. The holidays don't have to be stressful, or make us broke. We can allow ourselves to be genuinely filled with JOY and PEACE as our mantels and Christmas cards proclaim, by being intentional about what we focus on!

I'm grateful I have resources like Eyeconic that can help me "literally" see ;) these moments. For so long we didn't have the resources to make our eye health a priority... but thankfully this year is different. I know that my family is in good hands and I can wake up and go to bed each night knowing I am able to actually see thanks to my specks at my bedside. Seriously! I'm so crazy blind... and pregnancy hormones just make it all the worse. I get asked a lot where my clear glasses are from, and I have never been more proud to promote a company, who not only takes care of their customers... but are some of the first to be helping hands in places like Hurricane Harvey and low-income neighborhoods, just gifting the opportunity to SEE clearly. That's no small thing, but it's something worth knowing and being grateful for.

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Nora's bows are from  Chico Rose , Romper from Zara and leggings from  The Little Collective

Nora's bows are from Chico Rose, Romper from Zara and leggings from The Little Collective