what's in my hospital bag

My first hospital bag! I'm excited for it, haha. My first was a homebirth so I never had that, "the bag is packed, it's getting real!" phase. But now that I'm 37 weeks and we are also preparing for an out-of-state move simultaneously (insert nervous-sweat emoji here),  the bag is packed... and it's getting so real!

I got a ton of tips from other mamas on what to pack and what to leave behind, so I just thought I'd share those as well! You can find what other experienced mamas said here :) 

For Mama

Bras - I'm actually packing the same one's I used when I had Nora :) and I've worn these A TON in the last 16 months. Just goes to show the quality of these! They really hold up, and they are the absolute comfiest. I'm planning to wear one for labor and the other for after -- with sweat and potential water birth, an extra is necessary ;)

Cozy socks - I've got a few chunky knit socks that are my absolute fave I've got for after delivery. I've heard the rooms and floors can be cold and cozy socks are a must!

Robe - I had a beautiful PinkBlush robe for after delivery with Nora, but since I'll be delivering in December rather than July, I packed my super plush cozy robe instead! It takes up most of the room in my bag, but I was told it's worth it for those cold hospital gowns and rooms.

Leggings - I have been wearing Blanqi maternity support leggings this entire pregnancy, and I loved the nursing support leggings after having Nora. I wanted to be realistic with what I packed for my "going home" outfit. Postpartum can be messy... literally, and your insides all wonky, so I felt these would be perfect to keep warm, and keep me from feeling like everything was falling out haha.

Top - I just packed a long sleeve nursing-friendly tee and a nursing tank for under. Kept it easy.

Nursing pads - I have two boxes of disposable nursing pads for later, but I opted for the washable ones in my bag. They're softer and perfect for those first days/weeks especially.

Nipple butter - because as beautiful as breastfeeding can be, those nips need some extra lovin!

Lotion - I personally deal with really dry skin in the winter. Especially being in CA... it's been so dry for years over here! I'm not sure if I'll react any differently in WA, but either way I know I'll need to lather up after showering :) I've been loving the Noodle & Boo Elasticity Oil for my growing belly, so I packed the same brand for postpartum.

Chapstick - I feel like this is just one of those things that you always need, and especially when you don't think to pack it. Better safe than sorry! Burts Bees is forever my fave.

Facial Wipes - Just a personal favorite, but I know after labor and delivery... especially before showering, these will be so refreshing to have! 

Toiletries bag - toothbrush and paste, facial cream, shampoo and conditioner + makeup!

Towel - I've heard hospital towels can be pretty dinky and thin, and bringing a big cozy one is a good idea.

Postpartum care kit - loved loved loved the Earth Mama set with Nora, will absolutely use again this time around. 

Oat Mama bars - I was STARVING after having Nora, and I'm obsessed with Oat Mama bars (no really, I'm obsessed), so this was just a no brainer. A snack that helps with lactations - duh! In the bag. You can use code HONEYWILD15 for 15% off your order HERE, YAY!

Phone + charger - self explanatory.

Essential oils - Lavender for diffusing, and a roller blend I received as a gift at my baby shower called "Positive Birth"

Not packing - pads, undies, many clothes for myself besides leggings and a long-sleeve nursing top. All things I've just heard are unnecessary since the hospital provides or just don't need!

For Baby

Clothes - A couple outfits in different sizes. Nora never ever fit in newborn size, so I brought the only two newborn size outfits I have and then a couple sleepers that are 0-3 but one seems a little bigger than the other... juuuust in case she's huge haha.

Accessories - a bonnet and a hat to keep her little head warm, socks, a pair of hand-knit booties, a bow headband and burp cloths (Nora was a happy spitter until almost a year old (yuck)... although I'm hoping Mabel isn't the same in this way, I would just rather be prepared than get her blankets all dirty)! 

Blankets - one thicker cozy blanket, and one thinner swaddle blanket.

Not packing - diapers! Hospital provides these :) pacifiers, bottles, a ton of outfits. 

Basically I've just tried to keep it simple, and NOT overpack like I usually do. I've had a very safe and healthy pregnancy, so unless something crazy happens... we will only be there a day or two. Based off everyone's suggestions and my experience postpartum with Nora, I tried to include what I felt would be necessary without going overboard. Whenever the time comes... I do feel mostly-isa prepared! Haha. 

What was one thing you didn't pack but really wish you did?! Comment below! <3