32 weeks | pregnancy update

Honestly -- SO TIRED. Haha. Everything's feeling more real at this point. Mabel is taking over my entire insides, and never stops moving. I often get insecure standing in lines or being out places that people can see her moving, because seriously she is like a gymnast up in my womb... which is great, because movement is a healthy sign, just rough on my body. My tummy always looks like the turbulent ocean hahaha. I'm super emotional and my chest is always on fire #heartburn. We're preparing for the out-of-state move so I haven't really been able to nest which has been really discouraging because I LOVED that part before Nora came, but we have a corner filled with newborn things and every time I see it all, my heart jumps a little bit! 

I've always struggled with anemia (iron deficiency), even before pregnancy -- but it's killed me in the third trimester both pregnancies now. It often feels a lot like depression if I'm not staying crazy on top of vitamins and nutrients that help fight the lethargy and keep me healthy. It's really easy to get discouraged with everything we've got going on right now (both what I've shared publicly and things we've only shared with those close to us), so being sure I at least care for my physical well-being is really important, otherwise my mental and emotional health can decline greatly.

Pregnancy insomnia is SO REAL. People always say to sleep now before the newborn nursing days come, but I laugh because those people clearly didn't deal with insomnia haha. It's very real and there's not much that actually combats it. I try to only do relaxing things before bed. I'm not very good at this though, being honest. It's like my brain turns into hyper drive and won't shut off! But I also really need to get better about turning FRIENDS and Fixer Upper off earlier and putting my phone completely away to limit the screen time before trying to sleep. Things I want to begin doing before bed: relaxing yoga stretches, drinking hot pregnancy tea with lavender and honey and add almond milk, more hot baths, and read my devotionals/Bible and maybe even journal some nights.

I'm also trying to be intentional about not hibernating, and actually getting dressed and going outside. The weather has been mostly good lately and seems to be getting even better, so with Nora being so active and needing more than just our little apartment to run around and play in... I have to make it priority. I could also easily live in leggings or DJ's old sweats, but I'm trying to put effort into how I look, for my own self. I feel SO much better when I feel put together and less frumpy. 

Mostly at this point I'm just really ready to be a family again! I'm so so so excited to welcome baby Mabel into our life, outside of my womb. I can't wait to see Nora become a big sister, and watch their relationship bloom into something beautiful. I can't wait to see DJ father both of his daughters because he's already the best... and I know with the season we've just endured he'll be even more amazing. We're so excited and so ready to meet you sweet Mabel Rose!

We still don't know what our plan is as far as where I'll be delivering Mabel... which kind of freaks me out. There's likely a delay in when DJ's coming home and there are some complications going on we're praying through, but it's so hard with it all being close to when she's due to arrive. I'm secretly hoping she comes sometime before we move (highly unlikely since Nora was 10 days late) so I don't have to worry about finding anywhere new + out of state, but I also know she'll come when she's ready and healthy. We can't do another home birth because: 1) we don't even know where we will be living when she comes, 2) home births aren't covered by our healthcare and we can't afford to pay out of pocket. So we'll see what happens! Trying not to stress but also keeping in mind the realities that come with moving so close to due date. I may just deliver at the hospital on base if nothing else pans out :)

My overalls are from Isabella Oliver. The waist adjusts for the size of your belly, so you can wear from beginning to end! Making all my overalls-while-pregnant dreams come true ;) my booties are Madewell and shirt is BP. from Nordstrom. Nora's top and bloomers are from DearLoa on Etsy. Everything is linked below! <3