family day + jord wood watch

This Saturday has been so nice and slow. We had my niece spend the night, but she's eleven and enjoys just being "with the grown-ups," running errands and helping with baby Nora. We put Nora in the stroller, and walked to the coffee shop for some morning treats, then wandered down to the Farmer's Market. Our niece Taylor had never been! We got to show her all the pretty blooms, fresh produce and handmade products from local farmers and makers. Such a great morning.

We enjoyed lounging around, blasting some Springtime tunes because the sun was shining through our windows so beautifully, and watched Nora play and eat and be her cute little self. She's at such a fun age, where she kind of just smiles at anything, and it totally brightens my day! My favorite is watching her know and love her dada. Watching my crush-boyfriend-husband become a father has truly been an amazing gift.

This Christmas I was able to gift him with this beautiful wood watch from JORD Wood Watches, and we both love it so much! Nora always tries to eat it... so I think that means she loves it too, haha. You can get your very own JORD wood watch here! They're so beautiful, and ordering now would be the perfect Valentine's gift... for your loved one or yourself... no one's watching ;) I know I'm real excited to sport one of my own! The perfect gift that'll last forever.

Click here for men's watches, here for women's watches, or here for the same that DJ has.

Nora's bonnet is Briar Handmade, her outfit is from Zara (though I don't think they have that romper anymore), and socks are below!