six months of nora

It's Nora's HALF BIRTHDAY! WHERE DOES TIME GO?! She was just born, wasn't she?! Ugh... well this month has by far been the most fun. We ended the fifth "wonder weeks" leap, so after that we got to experience so many new things with our girl. Her bottom two teeth came in adding even more sweetness to her adorable grin. She's sitting up all on her own. So many new movements, edging her closer and closer to crawling. Lots of scooting. Tons and tons of rolling all around. More smiles and giggles than we can handle. Her personality is blooming like crazy, and it's absolutely amazing. She's so very aware, and takes in everything around her. She's smart and learns things so fast. She even waved hi for the first time this month! She knows when mama or dada leave the room, or when someone new wants to hang around... she knows who she's comfortable around and who needs a little more time to warm up to. Still loving bath time and showers and baths with mama. Still eating and sleeping like a champ (though with the growth spurt that's just beginning, she's started eating and sleeping like she did in month one... so that's something we're working through currently, ha)! We're not sure which teeth will pop through next, but she's teething again (still) and drooling and eating everything.

It's been a really great month watching this babe hit so many milestones and grow like a weed developmentally. So much to look forward to! We know this next month will only continue to bring us more joy and love as we grow closer to our sweet Nora Jane.

A few moments from this last week, and some from our 6 month photoshoot. Hilarious trying to get a baby on the move trying to lay still (and happy) and have a perfect flower 6 right beside her. Love her more than words can express!

Happy half birthday our darling Nora Jane <3