shared bedroom reveal

Not gonna lie... This post is sort of funny to me. I love when other bloggers/families post their home and nursery photos, but their's are always totally seemingly perfect. I'll let you know right now - ours will forever be a "work in progress." Not because I'm incapable of being content, but because I actually love change. Since I was a little girl, I would rearrange my room a million times. Every time, I'd step back and think "this is it. this is how it's supposed to be." and a month later I'd be back to moving it all around again, or changing up the entire theme.

It's probably just the creative in me... My room is like a canvas. Constantly growing and changing with the seasons. So, here's what our shared room currently looks like, but who's to say how long it will look like this, haha. I've already rearranged three times in the last two months, so...

We had an awesome mid-century style credenza/dresser, but it was horizontal and took up too much space for our shared room. My wonderful Father-in-law offered to build us a matching set; one for us and one for Nora (that doubles as changing station). We love them even more than any we could purchase at West Elm or anywhere else. They're handmade with love, and we will treasure them forever.

I make our bed probably 2-3 times a week. Don't judge. Our genuine mid-century bed frame was a serious craigslist gem. We scored this for an amazing price and love the simplicity of it. The mexican blanket is from our spontaneous trip to Seattle a few years ago. One of the absolute best memories we have... and this blanket serves as a constant reminder of the memories and adventures we share.

I made the simple wall hanging from a wooden dowel we had laying around, and yarn leftover from our wedding. We decided on a moses basket rocker instead of a traditional basinet for the versatility. More options; rocking, mobility (ability to take our Nora from room to room easily), and simplicity. I love the look of it. The lamb was mine as a little girl (I had lots of lambs. My name is Mary... Get it?) 

I hate traditional changing mats (there's nothing wrong with them, it's just one of my "things" haha), but our dresser wasn't quite wide enough for a keekaroo peanut changer, so my mom and I got creative and made this natural rope changing mat. It's simple. It's natural. It's original and handmade with love for our sweet girl by her mama and gramma. Not to mention it's just a sweet thing we got to do together. My mom  also gifted us the pretty gold lamp so that our ceiling light isn't overpowering our late-night nursing sessions. It's also been nice in these last few weeks of pregnancy while sleep has been difficult, and reading seems to be my nightly solace without keeping my hubbs up.

We opted for a mini crib over a regular size or co-sleeping, simply because of space. We have a full-size bed that fits the two of us perfectly, but one more would be too much (plus our summers are HOT and we don't snuggle much during the heat waves, ha). A standard size crib would just take up too much space. Again, we went for neutral and simple. The flower crown hanging over her crib is from our maternity shoot, so it seemed fitting to hang above our bebe.

We like to live as simply as possible, and not have too much excess. We aren't the most minimalist family you'll find by any means, but we strive for the "less is more" outlook, as we believe that's how Jesus modeled us to live. We are excited to share our room and face the challenges that may come along with it. Our space is small, but it works for us. This may not be ideal for everyone, but we feel blessed that we're able to have our girl with us for this first year of her life (at least until our lease is up next May ;) ).