christmas at the cabin

This Christmas brought a whole new meaning to Bing Crosby's "White Christmas." Quite literally, we were all singing, "iiiiii'm drreeeeaaaaming of a whiiiiiiiiite Christmas..." the entire weekend. It was truly beautiful. The drive up was pouring rain (which we so enjoy [we belong in the PNW actually]), but about 20 minutes away from our cabin it began to snow, and soon everything around us was capped with white and it was one of the most beautiful moments I've been blessed to experience. It felt like a fairytale. 

This Christmas was so different for us; we had a baby with us to celebrate with, we didn't do our usual Christmas day festivities with both our families or our typical eggnog french toast tradition with just us two, but it was a wonderful weekend with family that we just don't see enough. We spent the weekend with DJ's parents, younger brother, and his sister and BIL and their three kids (Bella, Caleb and Evie). 

I totally forgot to bring my camera in all the rush of leaving out of town for four days with a baby... sooo I just got a few iPhone shots over the weekend... but I also snagged some cute photos that my SIL shot :) we didn't have any phone reception, and the cabin didn't have wifi. It was so nice to be unplugged, and actually pay attention to everyone and everything going on. So needed and so wonderful!

Above is our view driving to our cabin. It was magical! Below is our cabin, our niece Bella playing in the snow, and an entirely covered steep driveway that everyone came out to shovel for us. It started snowing pretty hard as they were shoveling, and sent Nora and I inside. We watched DJ from the inside and our car was totally sliding on the ice... clearly we're from NorCal and never spend time in the snow haha.

Our cabin was so cozy! Nora loved all the extra toys to play with that her cousins brought. It snowed the night before Christmas Eve (the night we arrived), and we woke up to snow piled high on everything. Seriously... total winter wonderland! I'm in love!

It was so nice being able to spend time with Nora's grandparents. We live a few hours away from each other, and are always so busy. I loved watching her get to know them all more! She's getting to the age where she'll study you and stare at you and figure you out. And once she does, the smiles and snuggles don't stop. 

We honestly had a really rough time with Nora's sleeping habits on this trip. She wouldn't sleep in her travel crib, and woke several times throughout the night, which she never does. She was super fussy and only took a couple really good naps the whole weekend... so she wasn't as happy and playful as usual... the plus side? We got to co-sleep again :) (although we didn't actually sleep. she sort of slept better, but DJ and I did not, ha).

Nora's cousins and Tia built an Olaf snowman! So cute and they did a fantastic job! 

Christmas morning was so special (I mean besides the fact that my crew and I got an accumulative four hours of sleep that night). We all gathered around and drank coffee and Abuelitas chocolate and my FIL read the scripture of the Christmas story. We sang a few Christmas carols, and then the madness began! Shiny paper and bows and toys galore! It was so cute watching Nora take it all in, and "open" her first real presents. Such a sweet memory. 

I'm pretty sure my MIL purchased every Christmas outfit Target had to offer for these littles! It was so fun to have them all matching (every. day.  😂). Caleb will be two in a few weeks, Evie and Nora are five weeks apart. They were due the same week! But Evie was born a few weeks early, preemie and teeny tiny and Nora was almost two weeks late and huge. Evie is a little bigger, but our squish is actually heavier 🙈 she's rock solid! Bella will be six in February. Gosh I loved seeing them all together! Seriously SO much fun. I love that Nora has so many cousins to grow up with. 

I am obsessed with my new ring sling! It arrived about a week before, and I can't even handle how beautiful it is. The rings are rose gold 😍  and the fabric is a beautiful herringbone chambray of natural ivory and cream. It's a stunning neutral with the perfect touch of feminine. It was great having for the snow. We didn't even bring our stroller knowing we'd be in the cabin or in the snow the whole time, so this was the perfect way to keep Nora snug and warm. It was especially nice when she was feeling really fussy. She fell right asleep when DJ and I went on a walk in the snow just us three. Such a treasure to have. You can shop their entire collection here! Thank you Wildbird! I love wearing my baby bird in this SO much. 

My SIL is an amazing crocheter. She is so talented, and makes things for our Nora along with her littles all the time! If you remember her adorable dinosaur hat and booties from Halloween.... that was her skills too! As well as the cute pumpkin hats from our trip to the pumpkin farm. She made Nora this adorable vintage-inspired bonnet that we love and have been wearing all the time lately. She made matching snowman hats for all the littles this trip, and they look so cute and wintery! Love!

Being totally honest... we were all exhausted by the time we got this family photo taken (yay for self-timers). But I love it nonetheless. We snapped this moments before we left our cabin, and parted ways again... and I'm so glad we did. Nora was literally about to fall asleep any moment, we didn't have any makeup on, and it was freezing cold... but I love that we're all together in one beautiful photo, imperfectly us, as it should be ❤️