what's in my bag

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I did not want to be the mom that let style go out the window, and all the bright, crazy, baby things take over, including my diaper bag. Initially for those first months I didn't even have a diaper bag actually. I used a weekender bag (that I love), but after a while I realized I wanted something that wasn't a bottomless pit. I still didn't want a normal diaper bag... I wanted something functional like a backpack, not ugly, and didn't scream "I have a baby and she rules my life!" 

I came across Fawn Design bags and immediately fell in love! They are made of vegan leather, inside and out, so spillage and messes are no trouble to clean up. You can flip the bag inside out to wipe clean, and it can interchange from messenger bag to backpack. There are 9 pockets total (inside and out) for all the baby things. The gold zippers and logo detail are one of my favorites... I don't think I own any silver, so this was a huge plus in my book. All in all... this bag is perfect. It's feminine, versatile, and incredibly practical.  

What's in my bag?

Tons of stuff! This bag isn't bulky at all, but it holds SO MUCH. These are the things that I have in here always. I sometimes add a few more things depending on the outing, time away from home etc. 

  1. Micro Gathre Mat for changing diapers anywhere/anytime without hassle. Lightweight, easy to just wipe clean, and folds away real small.
  2. A wrap or ring sling. We have a Hope Carried wrap (pictured), these Solly wraps: Camel + AJJ, and these slings; Sakura Bloom and Wildbird.
  3. A onesie in the warmer months, and a set of footed pj's during these colder months. My girl used to spit up like crazy, and now she's drooling like crazy from teething. Always good to have an extra set of clothes just in case... especially for blowouts in those early weeks/months.
  4. A beanie or bonnet in case we end up outside when it's chilly or sunny. We have a few, handmade bonnets that we just love. This one is pictured above, from Briar Handmade (which is actually a borrowed hand-me-down from our friend named #BriarVictory too!)
  5. Diapers, wipes and diaper cream. We love Seventh Generation. Hands down our fave. Their new coconut care line is absolutely fantastic too! Love that I don't need a separate wipes holder since their wipes have the click-top.
  6. Bottle + extra formula. We try to feed Nora before we go anywhere, but since she's no longer breastfeeding, we have to be prepared for the scenario that we're out longer than anticipated or what-have-you, since I can't just pop out my boob if she's hungry. Nora eats a 6oz bottle every 3 hours from 7am to 7pm, and now a snack of pureed banana, apples, sweet potatoes or something of the sort once or twice a day in between bottle feedings. I keep portioned formula in little mason jars. We love these bottles so much! We've used them from the very beginning, and have never had issues.
  7. Teethers/toys. Otherware teethers definitely seem to be her favorite right now. She loves them, and will gnaw at them for quite some time. It's pretty great. We also love this set, and interchange the toys in our bag. Also, she's obsessed with this crinkle toy. Like seriously obsessed. 
  8. Blanket. We love this Little Balena Quilt, especially for these colder months. We also love muslin blankets from Aden+Anais and Little Unicorn.
  9. Pacifier + clip. We have several clips we love. The one pictured is from Madeline's Box, but we also have a wooden one and some braided leather from NomiLu, a soft cotton one from Earth & Mirth, and we have a hemp braided and another wooden on the way from KaiMauLoa (all on etsy). We use these pacifiers
  10. Lavender Essential Oil from Young Living. I don't share enough about how we use and love our oils. I keep lavender in my bag always. I'm planning to create a page all about oils in our life. Soon, hopefully! 

Those are our top ten, for sure. Like I said, every so often there's a couple things added, but for the most part that's what I've always got on me. Hope this helps!