four months of nora, apple hill + first solids

This weekend was the perfect rainy, overcast, cold and cozy weather. We had hot chocolate, white russians, and tamales and walked in the rain and snuggled under the blankets. We took Nora on her first trip to Apple Hill, and almost let her try a hot apple cider donut... but I let her try some butternut squash instead ;)

Apple Hill was cold, wet and so much fun. We headed up the hill from Sacramento (coffee in hand) in the pouring rain, but it stopped just long enough for us to snap a few photos. Our family friends joined us with their two little ones, and we had a great time!

We had been wanting to have Nora try some food for quite some time, but weren't sure if she'd actually be ready since she's not six months. We researched how to know when and if these babes are ready, and she had all the signs so we just went for it! Every baby is so different... so if you're wondering about your own, just feel it out and go with your instinct for your sweet little one! We tried some mushed avocado first, and she was not a fan, haha. Then we tried pureed butternut squash, and she loved it! So so fun. We're not implementing food into her diet much, but just getting her used to other flavors and nutrients. This stage (teething and sleep regression aside) has been a total blast. Her smiles have multiplied, and they're completely contagious.  

We had a great weekend, and we're incredibly excited for Thanksgiving this week! We get to host both our families in our own home for the first time... the first time we get to spend the holiday with both families in 5 years! We're excited... and anticipating some craziness 🙈