Why I think being vulnerable is so important

I get asked all the time by friends, family, and Instagram followers why I'm so open with much of our life on the internet. Honestly, because that's what I feel God has called my ministry to be. We aren't alone in life, but the internet and Instagram squares of perfectly pictured lives make it seem like we are isolated and alone in our struggles... but I want and feel the need to break that mold. I have a love for photography (my entire feed is strictly iPhone 6 for those who've asked), and I have a pretty darn cute babe... but truly, my heart is for honesty and community.

I want, if nothing else, to make others feel like they aren't alone, like they can also share what's going on in their life (with boundaries of course), and to realize it's really okay to share that life is imperfect. We all struggle. We all fail at times. We all have beautifully amazing days, and weeks and seasons... but sometimes we go through months of hardship and heartache. It's so important to feel free to share in all stages of life, without fear of judgement or comparison.

It may seem like I share every gory detail of my personal life... but I can assure you I have boundaries and some things are simply off-limits for the internet. I would never talk negatively about my husband, or about our intimate life. Those things are just too personal, and have no place for public eyes. I keep some social platforms private, for only family and close friends... because though I enjoy sharing our life, some things just don't need 11k sets of eyes watching ;)

Being vulnerable breaks down barriers, and creates a place that's inviting and open for hearts to pour out. The internet and social media are filled with so much negativity, filters, and mindless posts... and I think there should be more realness and vulnerability. There is strength in being able to be open about our weaknesses, failures and heartaches. We are made for community. We are made to be open and raw with one another, and to be a safe place for others to do the same. I don't want my life to look like a picture book... I want to look back and read my life as a story, with depth and the natural ebbing and flowing. That's life. That's real. That's what is so important. 

Share your story. 

Don't be afraid to open yourself up, because chances are you're not alone, and someone else just needs you to speak up and show that they're not alone either. 

Nora Jane's bow from @joeymaehandmade on Instagram, outfit from Zara, cute face from her mama and dada 😜

Nora Jane's bow from @joeymaehandmade on Instagram, outfit from Zara, cute face from her mama and dada 😜