a slow weekend + machine-washable rugs

First off, self-timer problems... everything in focus except the subjects 🙈😂 whoops! Also, Nora was obsessed with the blinking light on the camera. Anyways... we spent this weekend slowly. Started off by actually having to wake Nora Saturday morning (even though we all wanted to sleep in longer...) so as not to throw off her day. We lounged around lazily then walked to Starbucks in our cozies, and enjoyed the perfect Fall morning. We came home and DJ experimented with a new breakfast idea that was so yummy, while Nora and I played around. The entire weekend was spent this way! Slow and relaxing; no agenda.

Quality time and slowness are much too rare around here. With work schedules, outings, chores and events... our time together vanishes so fast. We wanted to be really intentional about not making plans this weekend, and to just take it slow as the holidays are approaching.

As Nora is growing and becoming stronger... we know she will be mobile in no time. Tummy time, playing on her back and lounging around are hard to do on hardwood floors, but we recently received this beautiful rug from Lorena Canals... and we're in love! It's soft, made with all natural materials and the best part... it's machine washable. Nora's already spit up and pooped on this rug. Yes, I'm serious... but I literally threw it in the washer and dryer, and it's even softer now than it was when we first opened it. I love that I don't have to worry about Nora playing on this rug, now, or when she's older. It's the perfect rug for our living room.

Onesie was a gift from our sweet friend Hannah. Visit her blog  here !

Onesie was a gift from our sweet friend Hannah. Visit her blog here!

Bow from @stitchrowshop on Instagram

Bow from @stitchrowshop on Instagram



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