Let me start by saying, we aren't experts at baby wearing, so please do your research and check out our favorite sites for tutorials and even shoot these companies an email if you have any questions! They are all wonderful mamas who want to help us figure out baby wearing, and how to make it safer, easier and more comfortable for everyone. Now, with that said... let me say, we looooove baby wearing!

So many people have asked which I prefer, the sling or the wrap... and my answer is always, both. I love having options and I like and use both the sling and the wrap for several reasons. I feel the sling is a lot easier to just slip right on, so I typically leave mine in the car or stroller so that I can literally just throw it on, slide her in, and adjust if necessary. I have this one and really love it. I'd love to also try a linen sling at some point.

The wraps I keep at home and in my diaper bag. We have this one and this one. I know that wraps can seem so intimidating initially, but seriously, watch the tutorial videos and you'll get it down in no time! They're actually really simple and easy. These keep a little more mobility in both shoulders, so we use these when we still need to do housework or what-have-you. 

The photos with DJ and Nora are from when she was just six weeks old over the summer and we were still learning how to wrap well haha. But I really appreciate that DJ has been so hands-on since the beginning. In those first weeks, he would wear her when I was recovering. He'd have her wrapped, cooking dinner, and washing dishes... um, best husband award or what? (heart eyes for dayssss). We love the Hope Carried wrap pictured, because it's neutral, and either of us can wear it! Plus, their company is incredible. They help empower and employ women in the Detroit area. How amazing is that?!

DJ snapped these photos of Nora and I six weeks later at 12 weeks old! So crazy to see the difference in our big girl (seriously crying). Nora falls asleep really easily in both the wrap and the sling, so on those days when she would fight naps, these were seriously life savers! They still are, especially when we aren't home during a nap time. For the sling, I've learned a few different tricks for head support, too. Like, in the photos below, I wrapped the tail around the rings to provide I little more comfort (especially when she's moving her head all around to look at everything, so she doesn't bonk her head on them), or twisting the tail and tucking it under the looser fabric at the top to create a perfect neck support when she's sleeping.

I totally recommend baby wearing to any mama. You can wear your babies from birth through "toddlerdom,"  and most love it. I will say, and even the tutorial videos often say this: babies likely will fuss during the process of being wrapped, but once they're nice and snug... it's calming as they are all snuggled up to mama, papa, grandparents, nannies, foster or adoptive parents... whomever. (Most) Babies enjoy hearing your heartbeat, smelling your scent, and just being tightly bundled.

There are many different ways to wrap and wear in slings... If you have any questions, please visit any of the sites listed here: Hope Carried, Solly Baby, Sakura Bloom. I find so many questions answered, and new ideas to try by just looking things up, and learning new things on baby wearing. There a so many brands for wraps and slings, I think it's all about preference! Look around and find what you and your babe love.

Babies don't keep. They're only this little for so long... then they don't want to held at all. I love holding my babe so snug and close. I think baby wearing is the perfect way to keep my hands free, without having her always laying down. I get to have her close and enjoy cuddles as long as I can. Seriously, baby wearing is the best.

Happy baby wearing! 


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